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Gentle Impact
2nd-level Abjuration
Casting time: 1 reaction
Range: Self
Components: V
Duration: Instantaneous

At the moment of impact, during a fall, flight or after being thrown, you may cast this spell as a reaction, creating a protective shell around you preventing damage. At the same time, the shell explodes, creating a shockwave that does damage in an area, based on the speed you were travelling.

Creatures in the AOE (Area of effect) must make a Strength saving throw against the intensity of the shockwave. DC = 10 + 2 for every 10ft moved during that turn. On a failed Saving throw the creatures are pushed back 5 feet and knocked prone.

If you would collide with a creature they automatically fail the saving throw, if the creature is considered Large have disadvantage on their saving throw.

(E.G. In D&D, movement is measure in "feet per turn". When you are flying you are travelling at 60 feet per turn. For this spell, that would affect an area of 20 feet and deal 2D10 in shockwave damage)

To calculate your speed from falling use the following: For every 30 feet travelled the Spell Shockwave AOE equals 10 feet and ShockWave Damage equals 1D10. After 180 feet of travel during a single turn, Maximum Damage and AOE is reached. AOE is 60 Feet and 6D10 Damage. This would also carry a DC to avoid equal to 22. If you can somehow accelerate to a speed beyond 180 feet you can not increase this spells damage.

(Who wants to do that much math)

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