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Prerequisites: You must be a Peridot of the Gem race.
You have figured out how to use mundane materials to recreate the technology of your homeworld. Using tinker’s tools, you may spend 1 hr and 30gp worth of metals to create a Tiny gemtech device (AC 5, 1 HP). The device ceases to function after 24 hours (unless 1 hour repairs are performed) or if you dismantle it to reclaim the metal. You may only have one such device active at a time, and may pick from the following options:

Robonoid: This device is a small sphere that walks on four cylindrical legs. When placed on the ground, the sphere walks 5 feet across the ground in a random direction.

Noise Trap: This device a small cylinder capable of producing a shrill, high-pitched noise at moderate volume. The noise may be triggered mechanically or be active as long as the device functions.

Light Cannon: This device produces a narrow beam of light in front of it. This light is capable of projecting dim light in a cone up to 15 ft.

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