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Gem Holder

Prerequisites: You must be a Gem.
When you get this feat, you can use your Gem to carry items and even creatures. This works as a natural "Bag of Holding" in the way of space for items, but still counts to your carrying capacity. The space inside your Gem is a room that represents your character's personality. (EG: A Gem with no real personality will be a bland room with a table, and a bed. While a Gem with a short temper will have a lot of fragile pottery. Or a narcissistic Gem would have a mass amount of mirrors.) You can have as many Creatures as your Proficiency bonus. Creatures will not count to your carrying Capacity, But, for the duration of the creature's stay within your Gem or if you are over-encumbered by items using this Feat, You cannot summon your Gem Weapon, and your movement is set to 15 Feet. Creatures can only enter and exit the Gem if you allow them to. Attempting to trap creatures in your Gem requires you to make a Grapple check against the targeted creature when they make the attempt to leave. If you are Poofed and there are creatures inside, they can see as you manifest in the room if you are stabilized, in which they can interact with you until you are able to make your physical form. IF you were to be brought down to 0 Health Points within the room or you die, everything within your Gem is released that was a item that was placed inside.

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