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Geas of the Deity (3.5e DM Tools)[edit]

When a Deity compels you it is better for you to do what they ask.

Geas placed upon an individual or group by a deity.
Circumstantially generated, circumstances predisposed by DM. Perhaps the result of entering a room or actions taken that drew the attention of a deity.

This works as the Geas/Quest spell with the exceptions that it can be applied to any number of individuals who happen to fall under the circumstances by which it is applied.
The Geas is placed with an Effective Caster Level of 40. Removing or breaking the Geas has a 25% chance of angering the Deity that placed it. If you have failed to accomplish the task you were given after 40 days, you are obviously not worthy of any more of that deities attention.

Obeying the Geas may effect your reputation, but not your alignment since the circumstances are not within your control.

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