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A gas mask is a sealed mask which protects its wearer from inhaling hazardous gases, vapors, fumes, and particles, including radioactive particles. While wearing a gas mask, you are immune to non-magical inhaled chemicals, toxins, or particles, and you have advantage on saving throws against inhaled chemicals, toxins, or particles of a magical nature. Even should you fail a saving throw against such an agent, you still have resistance to the damage it causes.

A gas mask is good for 24 hours of use; after that time, its filter(s) must be replaced in order for it to provide a benefit. A gas mask's filters are designed to be swapped out and replaced quickly in the heat of combat or in an emergency situation; thus, you can replace the filter(s) with a Use an Object action. Some gas masks have one large filter, while others have two small ones.

Weight: 1 lb.

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