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Seen as summarizing everything mechanical and soulless creatures. The lifeless false life, the soulless undead and emotionless machines. They appears like humans without personalities,without emotions without souls, like undead false lifeforms and regid mechanical reasoning. The race are actually not, they have a curse to generate misunderstanding. They have little or no body language, very literal and black and white minds. They show little or no facial expressions, their eyes lack sparks and they are distant and cold. They are completely antisocial and asocial and monolomaniac that are totally consumed by obsession for thirst for knowledge or singular all consuming interests in things not people. They have extreme personalities and feelings but shows no or little feeling and little or no empathy. They are totally blind to authority figures and conformity and scorn and despise anyone more social or less intellectual than them. They are more intelligent that their intelligence scores. They realize more logical and mathematical problems than they learn skill points.

Physical Description[edit]

Garnimoire, appear like normal humans except for slim and sleek faces and thin and tall bodies. High charisma scores often indicate a stoic and statuesqe appearance with an distant and indifferent expression. Low charisma characters are usually rough and grim looking.


Are notoriously poor. The Garnimoires are following the shadow of human society and the other more typically human races where they stick out and are mistreated. Characteristically Garnimoire alienates all allies they could have in the human race. They prefere to force themselves into human society either as unpopular authoritarian clergy or flicker in the background as usefull but disliked scholar monks. The majority are either brooding monks or skilled but cold merchants. Others prefere crime or being rebels and facing death instead of conforming. Humans see them as freaks, bodies without souls that compassion doesn't apply to as if they were undead or some machine that only fakes the behavour of a human being.


They are True Neutral.


Garnimoire seek isolation and serenity in the wild or in dusty dungeons, but start to crave company once every few years of so. This is when they take up wandering or move to monastries or libraries. Many appriciates natural beauty though most appricates the beauty of artifical creations more, such as industires, machines and art.


Always Atheistic, many Garnimoire still are clergy in religions for survival purposes so they better can plunder the religions for forbidden knowledge. Many are members in the the Monastery of The Shadow Of Garn. They pay lip service to monastic vows at best and many monks father their children or send them to the monastery. Others pretend to believe to a certain degree.


Kored is the tongue of birth, but a Garnimoire is a genius who can speak all languages fluently and learn a new language in a matter of days,


They have human names, except for family names.

The great monastic families are: Garn, Wolf, Dire, Teethwiz, Teethswise, Longwise, Greysinger, Kara, a, Rainbow,Blindeye, Metapathicus,

The mercant families are: Noender, Jardisian. Ashtaste, Wasthunger, Garnslaid, Blackkrak.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma; The Garnimoire have sharp and unbiased minds but nothing except logic influences them;
  • +2 skill points per level.
  • Medium: As Medium creatures, Garnimoire have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Garnimoire base land speed is 30 feet
  • Faustian Damnation. Though the the Garnimoire are alive they are so deviant and unpopular for their ideas, that they are vulnerable to an number of spells. They count as any of the following: undead, the opposite aliment, evil, or constructs.
  • Diviant Mutant: The Garnimoire does not count as human except in negative ways. They are anathema to all alignment and chosen by the Gods. For the purpose of smite alignment, turn undead or detect alignment but not for any positive benefits.
  • Forsaken: The Garnimoire are alone, have no allies,contacts nor friends and are always hated and mistreated except for player characters in the Party or other members of their Race.
  • Isolation.Though they can travel just to explore, Garnimoire are territorial and find it hard to leave their lares and very hostile to different cultures and new ideas. +2 difficulity to any intelligence checks involving knowing the current states of affairs.
  • Rational. Garnimoire can make an intelligence check to suddenly realise something they don't normally would know. They can base their intelligence checks on anything and are capabable of flawless mathematics and logical reasoning. This doesn't affect any skills except +2 bonus to mathematical and logic checks and decipher script. It only allows the Garnimoire omnipresence on everything that does not raise skills.
  • Alien Wisdom. A Garnimoire have a wisdom score of 6 for anything based on common sense but all of the wisdom score for perception and will saves.
  • Darkly Fastitidious: Garnimoire are demaning, requirious, perfectionist and angry,and overly skeptical and pessimistic. Anyone working for the Garnimoire against a +2 competence bonus to profession checks ,craft checks and to ref saves but -2 to all charisma checks against anyone trying cooperating with the Garnimoire.
  • Learn Language. Garnimoire can learn any language and dialect in in a few hours.
  • Touch of Madness. Garnimoire are prone to outrages, violent urges and headaches. If any check fails and the Garnimoire is either exposed to danger or stressed he will suffer confusing and pain in his head for one hour, in this condition he will the will attack anyone who provoces him or comes in his way.
  • Intellectual Superiority: The Garnimoire have a strong scorn for humanity and are not easy to sway. +2 to all social negotiatons, diplomacy, trade checks for both the Garnimoire and anyone using negotiatons, diplomacy, trade against the Garnimoire. The feat Persuasive doesn't apply to Garnimoire.
  • Souless: The Garnimoire do not believe in souls and do not have any. A garnimoire is only a sentient body, with no spiritual immortal element. He is immune to soul altering spells and disliked by priests.
  • Automatic Languages: Kored, Common; Bonus Languages: All languages
  • Favored Class: wizard
  • Level Adjustment: +1

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