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The Gambler[edit]

An Elf woman sits at a crowded table, slipping an extra ace into her hand. A human male throws a card with great force, slicing the flesh of a goblin mob boss. Coins clang in the hand of a Halfling as he removes his hands from a noble’s pocket, laughing with glee as he makes off with all his coin. Before the noble even realizes its missing, the halfing is long gone.

Risky Lifestyle[edit]

Charming and deceptive, the gambler has an uncanny way of always having Lady Luck in their corner. They like to roll against the odds, and sometimes even put a little “extra” into the game to make sure favor is for the gambler. Your quick wits and steady will never fail you, even with a losing hand. This nature extends even to the realms of magic as the gambler calls upon a chaotic magic that's just as random as the games they obsess over to infuse into a deck of playing cards.

While the gambler likes to try their luck, which ends up leading them to the form of magic they use, not all gamblers necessary gamble with normal tavern games. Some gamble on life and death and others just like the random unstable nature of the magic, but most find their love of luck before the magical nature behind it.

Creating a Gambler[edit]

When creating a gambler, think about why they enjoy gambling. Is it a hobby? An addiction? Perhaps its a coping method? What brought your character to a life of risk in the first place? Maybe you're paying off a debt or just don't like the thought of authority or of following society's rules.

Debt is a big part of a gambler and their backstory. Even the best gamblers have been known to rack up hefty debts in many places and to many powerful people. Think of if your character may owe anyone a debt, and if so how much is it? Who is it to? Perhaps a wealthy noble or maybe even a more powerful entity, like a demon who now hunts for its pay, whether in gold or in blood.

Quick Build

To make a gambler, start by making Charisma your highest stat to make your magic cards and other skills more effective. Second, make sure to put points into Dexterity to make non-magic card attacks and feats more effective. Third, take the charlatan background.

Class Features

As a Gambler you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d8 per Gambler level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 1d8 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + Constitution modifier per Gambler level after 1st


Armor: None
Weapons: Simple weapons
Tools: Playing card set, One Gaming Set of Choice
Saving Throws: Charisma, Dexterity
Skills: Choose four from Arcana, Acrobatics, Deception, History, Insight, Intimidation, Performance, Persuasion, Sleight of hand, and Stealth


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • A Simple Weapon
  • (a) A Explorers Pack or (b) A Diplomats Pack
  • Two Daggers, A set of playing cards

Table: The Gambler

Level Proficiency
Card Die (Damage) Deck Points Deck Die Features
1st +2 1d4 3 1d6 Card Shark, Stacked Deck
2nd +2 1d4 3 1d6 Know When To Hold'em, Know When To Fold'em
3rd +2 1d4 4 1d6 Archetype Feature, Tip The Scales
4th +2 1d4 4 1d6 Ability Score Improvement, Swindler
5th +3 1d6 4 1d8 Double Down, Magic Trick
6th +3 1d6 4 1d8 Archetype Feature, Gamblers intuition
7th +3 1d6 5 1d8 Expertise, Flourish
8th +3 1d6 5 1d8 Ability Score Improvement
9th +4 1d8 5 1d10 Full House
10th +4 1d8 5 1d10 Pocket Aces
11th +4 1d8 6 1d10 Archetype Feature
12th +4 1d8 6 1d10 Ability Score Improvement
13th +5 1d8 6 1d10 Quick Draw
14th +5 1d8 6 1d10 Calling Card
15th +5 1d10 7 1d12 Triple Threat
16th +5 1d10 7 1d12 Ability Score Improvement
17th +6 1d10 7 1d12 Archetype Feature
18th +6 1d10 7 1d12 Fortune's Favorite
19th +6 1d10 8 1d12 Ability Score Improvement
20th +6 1d10 8 1d12 Hand of fate

Card Shark[edit]

Cards aren't just a hobby they are also a defense if you know how to use them. At level 1 playing cards count as a weapon with the following properties:

You have proficiency with cards as a weapon and use dexterity for attack and damage rolls for throwing cards

Cards have a d4 damage die of slashing damage at level 1 along with the property of light and a range of (30/60)

Card damage increases as you level up as shown on the table

Cards do not have ammo for as long as you have a deck of playing cards in your inventory.

You can store the cards within your clothes and taking the card from your pocket, coat, sleeve or any other immediate area to attack is part of the attack action.

Cards don't make you look openly armed as long as you are not carrying another weapon and you have advantage on sleight of hand checks to hide playing cards on your person.

Stacked Deck[edit]

This deck isn't just a game. At 1st level you gain deck points based on your level. Aswell you get the access to a chaotic magic that can be imbued within cards. The cards number and suit changes what effect it gets when magic is imbued within. You can equip up to 20 cards into your personal deck each of which can be assigned to any number with the exceptions 1 always being the joker and 20 always being a ace, although you can only have one ace in your deck at a time and no repeated cards can be placed in your deck.

Once you make your deck you can spend a bonus action and a deck point to roll a d20. Depending on your roll you gain access to a magic card that corresponds to the number rolled, imbue it with a chaotic magic and put it into your hand. Your hand can consist of two cards total and you can take a bonus action to fold, removing all cards from you hand. Playing a card or throwing one as a attack is a standard action and will consume the card from your hand. Attacking with a magic card counts as a ranged spell attack using charisma for the attack and damage roll as well as counting as a magical weapon.

You regain your deck points and can change your deck whenever you take a long rest. However, your magic relies on chance, and you can refresh deck points by taking a standard action to shuffle your deck. Each time you do this regain one less deck point til you only refresh one deck point per shuffle. Your shuffles reset after a long rest.

Your ranged spell modifier is equal to proficiency + charisma mod Your DC for saving throws on your magic cards is equal to 8 + proficiency mod + charisma mod.

Know When To Hold'em[edit]

Sometimes you gotta be able to stand your ground and show your hand. Starting at 2nd level ranged attacks using cards or magic cards no longer have disadvantage when attacking within 5ft.

Know When To Fold'em[edit]

The best gamblers know when to quit before they lose it all. Starting at 2nd level each turn of combat you can take disengage as a bonus action.

Tip The Scales[edit]

When it all comes down to it there's always a little luck involved. Starting at 3rd level after every long rest you roll a 1d4 twice and keep their numbers as your inherent luck. These numbers can be added to or subtracted from any saving throw, attack roll, skill check or card draw you make. This can be done before or after the roll and consumes the number.

The die you roll per long rest is a 1d6 at level 9 and a 1d8 at level 18

Ability Score Increase[edit]

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.


Your time at the tables makes you a force to be reckoned with at any game.. Starting at 4th level you may add half your proficiency modifier (Rounded down) to all gaming sets you are not already proficient with. Additionally, you gain advantage with persuasion checks to talk people into games and bets or to borrow money.

Double Down[edit]

Starting at 5th level when you make attack action or play a card you can make a second attack or play a second card (if applied). Both attacks can use cards from your hand.

At 15th level This becomes Triple Threat and you can Attack or play 3 cards as part of the same action.

Magic Trick[edit]

Starting at 5th level normal card attacks count as magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance and immunity to non-magical attacks and damage

Gamblers Intuition[edit]

You have an eye for where valuables lie. Starting at 6th level you can study a humanoid for 10 minutes. You gain knowledge of what valuable items that humanoid is carrying and where on their person they keep them.


Someone who lives by luck can't just be good; They have to be the best. At 7th level you can pick two skills you are proficient in and add your proficiency modifier again.


Your quick hands allows for flashy and quick new shuffle methods that further mix the deck. Starting at 7th level you can choose to shuffle your deck as an action or bonus action.

Full House[edit]

Starting at 9th level your hand is extended to 3 cards at a time.

Pocket Aces[edit]

At 10th level you can have two aces in your created deck at a time with the second ace being the 19 slot in your deck.

Quick Draw[edit]

Your keen wit makes you always prepared for a fight. Starting at 13th level when you roll initiative and have no cards in your hand you draw one card without the cost of a deck point. If you have no deck points you draw a full hand.

Calling Card[edit]

You become known by your use of a certain card. At 14th level you select a non-ace card to be your calling card. People may thematically start to associate you with the card or perhaps even make a nickname for you based around the card. As an action you can use your selected card at without requiring it in your hand. This can only be done once every long rest. You can only change your choice of calling card during a long rest.

Fortune's Favorite[edit]

To have lasted this long lady luck must really have her eye on you. Starting at 18th level your number of luck die rolled per long rest is doubled. Additionally you can expend any number of luck rolls to turn an attack roll, saving throw, or ability check into a natural 20 as long as the total luck is equal to or greater than 10.

Hand of Fate[edit]

Starting at 20th level whenever you consume a card from your hand you can choose to roll a d4. On a roll of a 1 you return that card back to your hand, if there is room, without the cost of any deck points.

Gambler Archetypes[edit]

High Roller[edit]

For the high roller it isn't enough just to gamble. You need to go big or go home. High rollers life on the edge and seem to get a special kind of rush from risking it all. They are aggressive and like to always take thing to the next level. This archetype specializes in raising the risk of everything but in turn makes the successes all the more rewarding.

Up the Ante

Gambling is a dangerous hobby especially when you start to gamble with your own life. Starting when you take this archetype at 3rd level you can gamble your life for the magic you imbue into your cards. You can regain deck points without spending an action to shuffle but for every point you get back you receive a deck die of damage. This damage cannot be reduced in any way.

Reckless Gambit

Raising the stakes is the name of the game with you. Starting at 6th level you can take a gamble to overcharge your magic cards. Whenever a card rolls a deck die, you can overcharge it and roll an extra deck die, adding its number to the effect. When you do this you must make a charisma saving throw with the DC equal to 12 + proficiency mod or the spells target will be reversed meaning card effects that target you or allies will target the closest enemies and effects that target an enemy now target the gambler or, if unable to be targeted, the closest ally. Cards that can’t directly target an enemy or ally just fail and are consumed with the gambler taking a deck die of force damage from the backlash.

Double Lift

A more complex trick that can grab you a few extra cards if performed right. Starting at 11th level whenever you draw you can choose to take a chance and predict if the d20 roll to draw will be odd or even. If you guess correctly you perform a double lift and get a duplicate of the card you draw. If you guess wrong you fumble and get nothing and your deck point is consumed.

All In

Your confident enough with your magic and luck to take the ultimate gamble. Starting at 17th level you can use all in as an action. When you use it you spend all remaining deck points to draw cards from your deck. You must use all of these cards and all the cards currently in your hand in your one turn regardless of how many actions you need to do it. Cards that can only be used as a reaction are discarded at the end of the action and no cards used during All-In can't be returned to your hand by Hand of Fate.

On Tilt[edit]

The ability to control tilt can make or break a player. When on tilt people try to play harder and bet bigger to recover what they lost. This archetype focuses on recovering from situations where your backs against the wall or the bad breaks like when you fail a roll or pull the wrong card.

Loaded Dice

You learned to rig the game a little to make sure you can come back from those bad rolls. Starting when you take this archetype at 3rd level every time you roll a 1 with a deck die you regain a deck point.


Everyone deserves a second shot. Starting at 6th level when you draw a card you can choose to redraw but you have to take the second card. The second card still costs a deck point to draw.

Bounce Back

Your time at the table has made you quick to recover from your mistakes. Starting at 11th level all self done damage is halved. Any card that instantly reduces you to 0 hit points instead does half your maximum hit points as damage. Additionally, any time you take damage you can use a reaction to spend a deck point and draw a card.

Fired Up

The thought of losing instills you with a fury to try harder. Starting at 17th level when you fail an ability check, an attack roll, or a saving throw you gain temporary hit points equal to one deck die roll, gain 5 feet of movement (Up to a cap of 30 feet of extra movement), and you regain a deck point. Additionally you have advantage on any action or saving throw that you have already failed once within the same minute. Succeeding on any action or saving throw removes the advantage you may have from this feature and 5 feet of movement (Down to your base movement) per successful roll. The temporary hit points gained are gained after any damage is applied from any failed roll or save.

The Rock[edit]

The Rock is a type of player who doesn't play too many hands, and the few they do they do not bet or raise much. They are a safe player who likes to examine the table and move in at the right moment. They wait till they are two steps ahead and know their enemy. This archetype makes rolls and card draws safer so that your more likely to get the right card for the right situation, then once you have what you need you can find the perfect time to move in for the play.


Reading the table is important for knowing when to make a move. Starting when you take this archetype at 3rd level you gain advantage on Insight checks to read a creatures emotions, personality, change in mood or to tell if you are being deceived.

Counting Cards

Your intuition allows you to be keenly aware of what cards may be coming next. Starting at 6th level when you draw a card you can draw twice and choose which of the two you want to take.

Cut The Deck

Half a deck means only half the risk. Starting at 11th level when you draw a card you can decide to cut the deck. This will allow you to split the table in half and roll a d10 rather than a d20 to get a card. Using the bottom half will use the cards at numbers 1-10 and using the top half will use the cards at numbers 11-20. Drawing a card while using cut the deck costs 2 deck points instead of 1.

Wild Card

In most games joker has more uses than you might think. Starting at 17th level when you draw the joker it no longer immediately plays itself for its active effect and instead can be used as wild card. The wild card can be consumed to produce the effect of any other card within your current created deck.

Gambler Card List[edit]

You have a choice between all the cards below to put into your custom deck.


Hearts - From Ashes: This card can be played from your hand when you drop to zero hit points. This card cannot otherwise be activated. Once activated, the card is consumed and you instantly regain half of your hit point maximum in health and are not knocked unconscious. Additionally, you discard all cards in your hand and roll for a full new hand. These new cards do not cost deck points. This card can only be used again after a short or long rest

Diamonds - One in the chamber: When this card is used as an attack it is thrown with extreme velocity doubling its range, adding 4 deck die of bonus damage, and the damage is unaffected by resistances. The attack will travel its full distance regardless of how many enemies it travels through until it hits a solid wall or object. Any creature behind the first must make a dexterity saving throw or take the damage as well

Spades - The Death Card: Upon being played you roll an amount of deck die equal to double your level. The total of the rolls is the amount of hit points this card can effect. Starting at the creature with the lowest hit points the effect moves in ascending order, ignoring unconscious creatures, to all creatures within 30 feet. The first affected creature loses hit points until they reach 0 or the total is reached. Subtract each creatures hit points from the total before moving on to the next. The effect stops when either no more creatures are alive in the area or the cards total reaches 0.

Clubs - It's all luck: Upon the card being played you re-roll all uses of the Tip the Scales feature. Additionally for the next 8 hours you can reroll any natural 1 or 2 and crit on any d20 roll of a 19 or 20.

-Twos (Physical damage)[edit]

Hearts - Bleeding hand: when you attack with this card it exposes the weaknesses of your enemy. For 1 minute attacks against creatures hit by this card have advantage

Diamonds - Seeing Red: When using this card as an attack it cuts deep causing a deck die of damage every turn until they receive healing or make a medicine check to stop the bleeding early. The bleeding automatically stops after 1 minute. This effect does not apply to undead and constructs.

Spades - Get to the point: When this card is used as a attack it's damage is piercing and punctures the armor of the enemy reducing its AC by a deck die roll till the end of your next turn.

Clubs - split-pot: when this card is used as an attack it splits into 3 cards that each hit individual targets.You make seperate attack rolls and damage rolls for each attack although it counts as one attack action.

-Threes (Skills)[edit]

Hearts - Irresistible: when the card is played you add proficiency modifier to all charisma skill checks. You add it again if already profficent. This effect lasts a deck die of hours.

Diamonds - Debt to pay: When the card is played you get advantage for acrobatics and stealth rolls. This effect 1 hour.

Spades - Fastest hands in town: When the card is played you get advantage on sleight of hand rolls and can add your proficiency bonus to all gaming sets. If your already proficient you add it again for the duration of the card. This effect lasts 1 hour.

Clubs - Confidence: When the card is played you can add a deck die to any one skill roll for the next hour. Can occur before or after the roll.

-Fours (Evocation)[edit]

Hearts - cold hearted: When you attack with this card it does 2 extra deck die of cold damage and halves the targets movement until the end of its next turn. If placed on a object the card makes a trap for 8 hours that will detonate if any hostile creature enters within 5ft of it. The creature must make a dexterity saving throw or suffer the 2 deck die of damage and have their movement halved.

Diamonds - Shock value: When you attack with this card does 2 extra deck die of shock damage and is unable to make reactions until the end of its next turn. If placed on a object the card makes a trap for 8 hours that will detonate if any hostile creature enters within 5ft of it. The creature must make a dexterity saving throw or suffer the 2 deck die of damage and be unable to make reactions till the end of its turn.

Spades - Poisoned pike: When you attack with this card it does 2 extra deck die of poison damage and requires the creature hit to make a constitution saving throw or be poisoned for 30 seconds. If placed on a object the card makes a trap for 8 hours that will detonate if any hostile creature enters within 5ft of it. The creature must make a dexterity saving throw or suffer the 2 deck die of damage and make the constitution saving throw against being poisoned.

Clubs - Devils Bedpost: When you attack with this card and it hits it does 2 deck die of bonus fire damage to everyone in a 10ft radius around the target hit. If placed on a object the card makes a trap for 8 hours that will detonate if any hostile creature enters within 10ft of it. The creature must make a dexterity saving throw or suffer the 2 deck die of damage.

-Fives (Illusions)[edit]

Hearts - Bad Beat: when playing this card a enemy that you can see needs to make a wisdom saving throw or it will go berserk and spend its next turn attacking at the closest creature.

Diamonds - A Gambler's Best Friend: When playing this card you create a duplicate of yourself within 30 feet for 1 minute. This duplicate cannot do any action and you can not sense anything it can. While you are within 30 feet of the illusion, attacks toward you require a wisdom saving throw or they instead hit the illusion. The illusions hit points are equal to one deck die. The illusion disappears upon reaching 0 hp.

Spades - Now You See Me: You can use this card as a reaction whenever an attack is taken against you. The attacker must make a wisdom saving throw or loose track of you forcing them to either pick a new target or lose the attack if no other targets are present.

Clubs - Cashing Out: Upon playing the card you can give or use to get invisibility for up to one hour. Taking any action other than a movement action or receiving damage will end the invisibility.

-Sixes (Necromancy)[edit]

Hearts - Settle up: Upon playing this card you summon a spectral skeleton for one minute that will listen to your every command. The spectral skeleton has the stats of a normal skeleton with the exceptions that if it attacks its damage die is equal to your deck die and deals necrotic damage.

Diamonds - Come to collect: An attack action with this card will deal a extra deck die of necrotic damage and mark the target untill the end of their next turn. Any instance of damage done to the marked target with trigger another deck die of necrotic damage and heal the attacker for the necrotic damage

Spades - Dead man's hand: Next attack action with this card will deal one extra deck die of damage. The target hit must make a constitution saving throw or gain a level of exhaustion.

Clubs - Mucked deck: Next attack action done with this card forces the creature hit to make a constitution saving throw or have its hit point maximum reduced by the damage dealt.

-Sevens (Luck)[edit]

Hearts - turn em over: This card can be played as a reaction after getting targeted by an attack. When done roll a d20. If your roll is higher than then the attackers roll the damage is reduced by 2 deck die. If you roll the same number as the attacker you block the attack and reflect its damage back at the attacker.

Diamonds - Raise the stakes: When you play this card you roll your damage die and a amount of deck die equal to your remaining deck points. You may then target a creature you can see and you can see both roll a d20. Whoever rolls the higher number takes the damage. This can down the gambler.

Spades - Lucky sevens: When you play this card, on a creature you can see, roll a d20. If you roll a critical on the roll, the target of the card is reduced to 0 hit points.

Clubs - Showdown: When playing the card on an enemy you can see, you and it go into a showdown. Each roll 3d20 and compare each roll. Whoever wins more rolls gets a free guaranteed crit on the loser.

-Eights (Movement)[edit]

Hearts - Catch me if you can: When you play this card you gain advantage on strength and dexterity saving throws as well as checks involving athletics or acrobatics. This effect lasts 1 hour.

Diamonds - Well traveled: When you play this card you gain immunity to the effects of magic and non magic rough terrain and gain 10ft of movement. This effect lasts 1 hour.

Spades - hit the trail: When you attack with this card you can take dodge, hide, or dash as a bonus action regardless of if the attack hit or miss.

Clubs - Time traveler: When you play this card you can teleport to a spot within double your movement. If you instead choose to attack with this card and the attack hits you will teleport to a open spot within 5ft of the hit creature.

-Nines (Healing)[edit]

Hearts - Check and raise: Upon activating this card every turn of combat that you don't get hit and remain free of any unwilling conditions you get one deck die of hit points up to either your max hit points or after you have received healing 3 times from this card. The hit points are gained at the start of your turn.

Diamonds - Short stack: You always seem to recover from the tightest of situations. When you play the card you get 1 deck die. If you are below half health its 2 deck die. If you are below one quarter of your maximum hit points its 3 deck die.

Spades - Spread the wealth: When this card is used you gain 3 deck die of healing but it must be split evenly between all allies within 30ft even if they are full health.

Clubs - Bluff: Upon playing this card you roll one deck die and increase your max health by the roll for 8 hours

-Tens (Defense)[edit]

Hearts - House of cards: When you play this card your AC becomes 13 + your charisma mod for 8 hours.

Diamonds - poker face: Your nerves of steel kept you safe at the table and they can keep you safe in combat. When you take damage you can play this card as a reaction to reduce the damage of the attack by one deck die plus your charisma modifier.

Spades - Cut-off man: You may make an attack with this card as a reaction when a spell is cast within attack range. If the attack hits then the creature must make a wisdom saving throw or the spell fails. Alternatively the card can be played as a reaction to getting targeted by a spell that only targets a single creature. In that case the gambler must make a charisma saving throw equal to 12 + the spells level. On success the card absorbs the spell, allowing the card to be consumed for a single use of that spell at the same level it was absorbed at. On failure the spell acts as normal and the card is still consumed

Clubs - Under the gun: When you play this card as a action you enter a magic stasis until the start of your next turn. While in the stasis you can't take any form of action and are immune to all conditions, damage, and healing. When you play this card as bonus action you get a deck die plus your charisma as temporary hit points.

-Jacks (Crowd control)[edit]

Hearts - Prince charming: When you attack with this card will cause the person hit to make a wisdom saving throw or be charmed for 1 minute. The affected creature can repeat the saving throw every turn to end the effect early.

Diamonds - Laughing boy: Next attack causes the person hit to roll a wisdom saving throw or go into a fit of hysterical laughter becoming incapacitated for 1 minute. The affected creature can repeat the saving throw every turn to end the effect early.

Spades - One eyed royal: when you attack with this card any creature hit makes a constitution saving throw or get blinded for 1 minute. The affected creature can repeat the saving throw every turn to end the effect early.

Clubs - Authority: Any creature hit by the card must make a wisdom saving throw or become frightened of the gambler for 1 minute. The affected creature can repeat the saving throw every turn to end the effect early.

-Queens (Utility)[edit]

Hearts - Spread the love: When you attack with this card and it hits you get back two deck points.

Diamonds - Gold digger: When played you are immediately made aware of the locations of any form of currency or treasure item worth 10gp or more within 50 feet of your location.

Spades - Lone Wander: This card can be used in many ways and its effects change depending on how it's used. Attacking with the card will reveal the resistances and vulnerabilities of the hit target. Placing the card on the floor or on a object with create a magical sensor for 8 hours that will go off if any creature passes within 10 ft of it. Eating the card provides enough nourishment to last you 24 hours. If played in your hand it creates 20ft of bright light and 20ft of dim light in a area extending from the card.

Clubs - Lady luck: Your attack has an uncanny way of finding its target anyways. Ignore cover or any disadvantage with an attack using this card. Additionally you can hit enemies you can no longer see as long as you know the general area in which they are.


Hearts - suicide king: When you attack with this card it does max damage for your attack and two deck die of bonus damage but you take half of the total damage. This damage can down the gambler

Diamonds - equilibrium: if the target of your attack with this card has above 50% hit points then it takes two rolls of a deck die as bonus damage but the damage cannot send the target below 50% hp. If the target is below 50% the attack and the bonus deck die will heal the target up to a cap of 50% hp.

Spades - For the crown: When playing this card you and another creature enter a duel state, becoming immune to all damage, effects, and healing outside of the two in the duel. The duel lasts for 3 rounds of combat. The duel ends early if either of the parties involved in the duel is downed. The winner of the duel gets the others health (as it was when the duel started) as temporary hit points.

Clubs - off with his head: When attacking with this card add two deck die of extra damage. If it's possible to kill within the attack then your damage roll automatically does just enough damage to down the opponent.


Joker - fools world: card is played instantly on draw rather than upon using a action. When played all magical effects in a 30 ft radius centered on the gambler are dispelled. For the next 1 minute for anyone within the 30 ft radius of the gambler including the gambler themselves. This also disables the effect of the Gamblers Magic Trick feature.


Prerequisites. To qualify for multiclassing into the Gambler class, you must meet these prerequisites: 13 dexterity, 13 charisma

Proficiencies. When you multiclass into the Gambler class, you gain the following proficiencies: Playing Cards set

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