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Built By: Groundling Humans

Used Primarily By: Groundling Humans

Cost: 40,000 gp

Hit Points: 300

Damage Threshold: 15

Crew: 20/40

Max ability modifier: +1

Landing—Land: No

Landing—Water: Yes

Armor Class: 13

Standard Armament:

  • 2 medium ballistae

Cargo(tons): 100

Keel Length: 130'

Beam Length: 30'


The galleon is the best ocean going craft that groundling nations can bring into space. It is nothing more than a sailing ship with the spelljammer helm-purchased or salvaged from some wreck-attached. Of the peoples of the known worlds, only the nation of Shou Lung on Toril sponsors a realistic approach to space travel. Other nations dabble, though, and the most thoughtful of them use the galleon as their vessel of choice. Bulky and slow, it still gets the job done, and its large cargo hold carries a great deal of spoils from other lands.

Ship Uses[edit]


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