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Fused ooze[edit]

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Oozes that combine together to survive

This singular creature used to be two different oozes that were compatible enough to fuse into a singular mass, becoming more challenging to defeat.

Creating a Fused ooze[edit]

This is an acquired template for creatures with the ooze descriptor, must match size as second ooze (referred to hereafter as the base creature). The size must match the other ooze attempting to fuse with the base creature

Size and Type[edit]

Size increases by one step. Add BAB, saves, and initiative using raw save/initiative modifiers for each save (EG: Added Reflex save = Reflex save of ooze - Dexterity modifier of ooze). Recalculate saves and initiative for score modifiers once the new score has been calculated (New Reflex Save = Old reflex save - old dexterity modifier + new dexterity modifier).

Hit Dice[edit]

Add the HD of the ooze to the base creature


Use the better speed between the two oozes, then add 10' (factors for size category increase), if speeds between two oozes are the same, add 15' instead.

Armor Class[edit]

Adjust AC for size accordingly, add the natural AC of the ooze to the base creature. If both have natural ACs, combine values.


Creature gains all attacks of between the ooze and base creature. If 2 attacks are the same, use better value. If both values are the same, increase HD by one step (EG: d6 becomes a d8, d8 becomes a d10, maximum d12)or by +2 if no HD is presented in the entry. If neither creature has tentacles and is Large or larger, add 2 tentacles attacks in which deals 1d4 + strength modifier damage.

Full Attack[edit]

As attack

Special Attacks[edit]

As attack

Special Qualities[edit]

Add Special Qualities from ooze to base creature. If qualities are similar, take better value. If both values are the same, increase HD by one step (EG: 1d6 to d8, max d12 + 2) or by +2 if no HD is presented in the entry.


Add ability score modifiers of ooze to score of base creature. If a score is a nonability for one but an ability for another, use whichever is more advantageous (Meaning if a nonability would be to the new creature's advantage over an ability score, that ability becomes a nonability).


Apply racial skill modifiers from ooze to base creature.


Apply feats from ooze to base creature (unless intelligence is a nonability).


As base creature and ooze


As base creature

Challenge Rating[edit]

+(Ooze's CR)


As base creature with adjusted CR


As base creature, ooze, or some combination thereof. (To DM's discretion)


By HD or Character Class (If DM allows oozes as characters)

Level Adjustment[edit]

See Challenge Rating

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