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Form Caster

Prerequisites: The ability to cast at least one spell, the ability to transform into another form or creature
Increase your Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma by 1, to a maximum of 20.

You are so versed in changing forms, you have become adept at them. Over time, you have learned to cast spells in your other forms. Forms in this context being a werewolf in its hybrid or full transformation, a druid using Wild Shape, or a wizard using polymorph. This allows you to channel spells while in your forms, so long as it meets the prerequisites. You gain the following benefits as long as it adheres to the prerequisite conditions below.

You have used the form a minimum of 10 times minus your spellcasting ability modifier (minimum of one).

  • If not, you can only cast ranged spells with disadvantage and a -5 to the attack roll.

In order to cast a verbal spell, the form you are in must have a mouth.

  • If not, you can’t cast verbal spells (without the aid of another feat)

In order to cast somatic spells, the form you are in must have hands, feet, or some sort of appendage that could perform the same motions as one (example tree branch).

  • If not, you can’t cast somatic spells (without the aid of another feat)

In order to cast a spell that relies on sight, your form must have either vision, dark vision, blindsight, or tremorsense.

  • In addition, you can only cast a ranged spell up to the range of your type of vision. If you don't have a type of vision or the target is beyond your type of vision, you can still cast the spell as if attacking an invisible creature.

If a material is required for your spell and the form you are doesn't have that material as part of the form or have access to that material in the environment, you can’t cast that material spell (without the aid of another feat).

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