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The Forgotten God, Voidmazix

Symbol: A black disc representing void
Home Plane: Currently imprisoned in a realm of frozen time: Carcer
Alignment: Neutral evil
Portfolio: Emptiness, Void, Entropy
Clergy Alignments: Neutral evil
Domains: Void, Entropy
Favored Weapon: None


Nature abhors a vacuum, and a vacuum abhors nature right back. The Forgotten God existed before creation, although this is a misnomer because time didn't exist before creation. It is more accurate to say that The Forgotten God didn't exist as a god until the creation. It was quite literally nothing or "no thing". At the spark of the elemental chaos, there was a fundamental difference between chaos and void. As a negative reflection of the chaos, the Forgotten God gained power equal to that of the chaos. When conscious creatures appeared, so to did the Forgotten God gain an awareness. It loathed the existence of creation. It even loathed its own awareness and existence. Because it contained power and intelligence, it was no longer void and empty. Thus the Forgotten God set out to destroy all of creation and return everything to nothingness. It's power was great because of how much it had been filled with by the chaos, the gods, and the rest of creation.

It spread a teaching among the planes and gathered followers. Few, however, knew its true goal. Eventually, the gods united and created a realm without time to bind the Forgotten God so that no matter how powerful the it grew, it could not act. Recently, however, scattered peoples have rediscovered texts referring to this god and have been misguided attempting rituals to free it. If one were to obtain power liken to that of a God, he could theoretically release Voidmazix upon the world should he even know of his existence in the first place. Should this Diety ever escape his prison, it would be as though nothing had ever existed in the first place.


Seek discord and entropy. Push others to their natural end. Do not fight. Rather, encourage others to fight one another. Return to Nothingness.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Voidmazix has no temples. Worshipers often meet in places that have been destroyed or badly damaged. A standard offering is to fill a bag of holding to the brim with any items and then slash it open, losing all of its contents to the void forever. The Forgotten God favors shape changers and creatures with no distinct form as they are closer to entropy than solid, well defined creatures.

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