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Forever Asleep[edit]

Price per dose: 70,000 gp
Type: Ingested

A strange fluid discovered by an unknown alchemist and warlock, this poison causes the consumer to never wake up after falling asleep. The poison's creation is highly guarded by the two, and can only be obtained directly from it's original creators. After being located, you must make a DC 25 persuasion check to convince the pair to produce the poison for you. On a failed check, they respond with violence. On a success, you can obtain the poison by paying 70,000 gp per dose.

When a victim consumes the poison, they make a DC 30 CON save. On a fail, the next time the victim goes to sleep, they will no longer wake up again. Any creature that usually does not sleep can prolong the effects. On a save, the victim simply falls asleep for 1d4+10 hours.

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