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Forest Children[edit]

Deep within the Majestic Woods, there lives a race of creatures known as the “Forest Children”. They are called such because they all retain child-like forms but seem entirely ageless. Within the forest also lies Cydonia, the Seikatsu Tree (“Tree of Life”). The children call this tree their mother.

Physical Description[edit]

Forest children appear almost no different from human children, save for them usually having blonde or green hair. They do not mature beyond that of a child, and as such their bodies do not develop beyond that of a child. Forest child women, for example, tend to have very small busts, if they have any at all. Most forest children are usually dressed in a green tunic or dress.


Long long ago, and even before that, in the time people call the First Age, the gods were being born. There was a small forest at that time, untouched by any mortal race. The trees grew tall and basked in the sunlight of daytime.

Within this forest grew a mighty tree. Upon it was the most delicious fruit, and it was said it could even cure any ailment. Known as the panacea, the legend of the fruit spread far and wide. People from all over the world journeyed long and arduous journeys to reach the panacea.

Soon, the people found themselves coveting the panacea. They lusted after the wonderous fruit and so they began to build their homes there. The people began to tear down the trees and disturb the land. They bore through the roots of the tree, slowly causing harm to it. The people soon began to hunt the wildlife of the forest for food and ill-gain. They believed the land was theirs to do as they pleased, but with every action, the tree grew weaker.

Soon, the panacea was not as sweet as it had once been, having now a deep bitter flavour. It now did not seem to heal those who had been healed by it before. Illness ran rampant, disease touched every citizen. The people cried out for mercy for they now knew what they had done. The once beautiful panacea had become corrupted by their ways, now being the bearer of illness and disease itself.

Unfortunately, their cries were in vain. The people had corrupted the land, and for their crimes, there was no forgiveness. They were poisoned and killed by their lust and greed, all but a few.

Indeed, it is the most curious thing, for the disease and illness affected only the adults. Those yet to mature, the children, were spared. When all others had passed, the land became beautiful once again.

The children would continue, surviving in the forest. It is said that their youthfulness and innocence is all that protects them from the curse that had befallen the adults. Roaming forever, never ageing, they have built their homes in the ruins of their ancestors.

Legends tell that the tree itself is sentient, and so, for the fruit that grows on it, for it sparing the lives of the children, and for it keeping them youthful and innocent, the tree has earned its name "The Tree of Life". But beware to any who venture within the dreaded Forbidden Forest. Only a youthful and innocent child can live there. To anyone else, the legend states, the curse will take you as well. You will be lost forever in the forest, a corpse left to decay and become feed for the wildlife.


For the most part, the forest children live a carefree and fun life. Few dangers threaten them as Cydonia destroys any intruders into the forest that are not welcome. Most forest children also have with them a guardian fairy that aids them in various tasks. This even allows them to talk to other forest children at great distances, the length of which is unknown. They also reside in hollowed out trees, which they use as buildings.

Forest Children Names[edit]

Forest Children names all have a generally common theme. Male names end in a single vowel, while female names end in two vowels.

Male Names: Gilu, Kika, Lemu, Mido, Naci, Niko, Supho, Zuna

Female Names: Bikui, Duhoa, Heloi, Lesae, Saria, Secoi, Sifue, Wiphua

Forest Children Traits[edit]

As a forest child, you gain the following traits:
Ability Score Increase. Due to your small size and young appearance, you are not very strong, but you have been alive for a long time and thus are wise. Your Wisdom score increases by 2 and can reach a maximum of 22, but your Strength score maximum is only 14.
Age. Forest children are ageless. It is unknown how they are born, as their females are too young to bear children, but they seem to mature at the age of 10. They seem to stop ageing at the age of 12.
Alignment. Forest children are generally of the good alignment, though more neutral than they are lawful or chaotic.
Size. As a child, you are no taller than 4 feet, and you weigh an average of 60 pounds. Your size is Small.
Speed. Your legs are tiny because you appear so young, so you cannot move as fast as bigger people. Your base speed is 25 feet.
Forest Dwellers. You gain proficiency in Nature and Survival and gain advantage on such rolls that pertain to natural forest terrain, such as forest creatures and flora.
Unending Youth. You do not age once you have reached maturity, and are immune to any magical effect that would cause you to age.
Fairy Companion. You have a sprite as a familiar. The sprite adds your proficiency modifier to it's AC and attack rolls, as well as to any saving throws or skills it is proficient in. It's hit points count as four times your level. The sprite also heals quickly, so it's hit points are fully restored after finishing a short or long rest. The sprite obeys your commands as best as it can. It takes it's turn on your initiative, though it doesn't take an action unless you command it to. On your turn, you can verbally command the sprite when to move (no action required by you). You can use your action to verbally command it to take the Attack, Dash, Disengage, Dodge, or Help action. It can also telepathically communicate to any fairy, sprite, or pixie that it knows within 100 miles, and can even mimic the voice of that creature perfectly. It can also perfectly mimic the voice of anyone it has heard for 1 minute. If your companion dies, a new one appears after a long rest, having been sent by Cydonia specifically for you. This companion can also hide on your person as a bonus action on your initiative. While hidden, it moves with you and has total cover.
Proficiency of the Forest. Living in the forest does have its dangers, and as such, you have learned how to protect yourself. You are proficient with clubs, shortswords, and shortbows. You are also proficient with slingshots (same stats as a sling, but are not slings).
Languages. You know how to speak, read, and write in Common and Sylvan.

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