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Fool's Parchment: A piece of parchment that compels any and all to believe whatever is written upon it.

An artifact of the God of Scoundrels, the Fool's Parchment appears to all as a worn piece of parchment or vellum of little repute or significance. To the discerning gaze, however, a divine, dark power emanates from the surface of the parchment, and all who behold any words written upon it are compelled to believe them.

The parchment never remains written upon for too long, the previous words and characters disappearing from the surface of the item after 1d3 days of exposure. Furthermore, like all artifacts of the mischievous god, the parchment often disappears and reappears elsewhere in the mortal planes of Tirr, finding its way into a different set of hands, each time.
Strong Enchantment; CL 20;

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