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A foldable frame is a collapsible mechanical device that allows for easy storage, transport and use of multiple weapons and other items useful in combat. Without modification, the foldable frame acts as a sheath, able to store up to 3 weapons or other items on your person for ease of access. Using tinker's tools, you mays spend 8 hours to modify and directly affix an item into the foldable frame. Up to three items may be attached to a foldable frame at a time. The foldable frame and all attached items appear and are treated as one item until you spend 8 hours to remove an item from the frame. You may only use one attached weapon at a time, but you may shift which weapon you use freely, even between multiple attacks made in a single action. When an item is not in use, it is collapsed into the foldable frame, as the frame takes on the form of the item in use. If an attached item has the thrown property, you may throw the entire frame, unless any attached item has the heavy property or the combined weight of the frame exceeds your Strength modifier in pounds. When not in use, the frame and affixed items collapse into a easily stored form not larger than an average briefcase.

Cost: 15 (gp)
Weight: 1/2 (lbs)

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