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Flak Cannon[edit]

(PL 6) The flak cannon is a bulky, powerful weapon. Originally designed as a mining implement, the flak cannon was pressed into service by revolting miners. The weapon fires in 2 modes; either a short-range cone of white-hot, super-dense shrapnel (which the miners used to clear loose soil and debris,) or a bouncing canister of high-explosive (which the miners used to clear heavier rock and open new tunnels.) Many of them are still painted yellow, some even featuring caution markings from their days as a tool. As a weapon, the flak cannon merges the killing potential of both the shotgun and the grenade launcher. What it lacks in range and magazine capacity,(a flak cannon magazine holds only 5 canisters) it makes up for in sheer power. These features make it a favorite among close-quarter specialists (who don't mind it's size.)As an improvised weapon, there is no proficiency needed to use it, and incurs a -4 penalty to hit when used in canister launcher mode. When used to fire a cone, the attack roll (-4 non-proficiency penalty applies) determines the reflex save DC for half damage; the user simply designates a target area and pulls the trigger.The cone extends to 30' after which point the super-heated metal ceases to be dangerous. Canisters fired from a flak cannon have a range increment of 20', a blast radius of 10' and a maximum range of 60'. Either mode of fire deals 6d10 points of damage that ignores 10 hardness. The canister function deals concussion/slashing damage, while the cone function deals slashing/fire. Loading a flak cannon is a move-equivalent action. Flak cannons are large weapons with hardness 8 and 25 hp. The weapon itself weighs in at 25lbs empty and a whopping 35lbs loaded. Purchase DC 14 (for the gun) DC 5 (for 10 flak canisters)

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