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Final Gate
Conjuration [Creation or Calling, & Healing], Divination,

Enchantment [Compulsion/Mind-Affecting], & Necromancy

Spellcraft DC: 75
Components: V, S, Xp; See Text
Casting time: 1 Standard Action
Range: Medium 100 Ft. +10 Ft. Per Gate
Effect: Open Gates/Call Creatures
Duration: Instantaneous/Concentration
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No
To Develop: 675,000 Gp; 14 days; 27,000 Xp. Seed: Summon (DC 14); Transport (DC 27); Ward (DC 14); Compel (DC 19); Reveal (19 DC); Foresee (DC 17); Life (DC 27). Factors: Summon creature other than Outsider (+10 DC); summon creatures of any HD/CR (ad-hoc +250 DC); summon a unique individual (+60 DC); interplanar travel (+4 DC); Delay Death (Spell Compendium, p.63) as the spell (ad-hoc +35 DC); Beastland Ferocity (Spell Compendium, p.25) as the spell (ad-hoc +5 DC); Revivify as the spell (ad-hoc +38 DC); 1-action casting time (+20 DC); call unlimited creatures and/or open unlimited gates (ad-hoc x5 DC). Mitigating Factors: The caster must expend 1 use of Delay Death (Spell Compendium, p.63) or Limited Wish as a 4th or 7th level spell slot (ad-hoc -10 DC); the caster must expend 1 use of Beastland Ferocity (Spell Compendium, p.25) or Limited Wish as a 1st or 7th level spell slot (ad-hoc -7 DC); the caster must expend 1 use of Gate as a 9th-level spell slot (ad-hoc -17 DC); the caster must expend 1 use of Greater Prying Eyes as an 8th-level spell slot (-15 DC); the caster must expend 1 use of Foresight as a 9th-level spell slot (-17 DC); only a Cosmic Descryer may use this spell (ad-hoc -157 DC); the caster must expend 1 use of his Cosmic Connection ability (-19 DC); additional Knowledge (Math and Physics) 24 Ranks, is required to develop or cast this spell (ad-hoc -24 DC); burn 5,000 XP (-50 DC); unlimited backlash (ad-hoc -2,404 DC).

Brief Description[edit]

This spell opens a near unlimited amount of Gates, at the control of the caster. It’s based on using a Beastland Ferocity (Spell Compendium, p.25) and Delay Death (Spell Compendium, p.63) type of effect to get an infinite boost of the Cosmic Connection ability when using a Gate like spell.

Full Description[edit]

Spell Flavor: You feel your energies ebb away, as you complete the spell. Suddenly, you are one with the cosmos; the multiverse itself flows though you. All gates are at your command, and all creatures are subject to your will. Almost nothing can harm you, and for a brief moment, your power eclipses The God’s themselves.

Short History: Once wielded by The Keepers, Draconic Knights appointed and trained by The God’s; this was long hailed as one of the most powerful magics to ever have existed. These lawful good knights where known as The Gate Keepers, and guarded the Gate networks of the multiverse for many ages, till they mysteriously disappeared.

Final Gate Functions Like A Gate Spell, W/These Exceptions:[edit]

Final Gate creates an unlimited number of Gates, at a medium range of 100 Ft. + 10 Ft. Per Gate. Each gate is treated like a Greater Prying Eyes sensor, but with no need to return to the caster for data retrieval. The caster has a live feed of all active Gate sensors; plus, the sensors aren’t vulnerable to damage. The gates can't move once opened, so it’s sensors don’t have a separate range limit. When a gateway closes, its sensor winks out with it.

Planar Travel (Concentration)[edit]

Deities and other beings who rule a planar realm cannot prevent a Gate from opening in their presence or personal demesnes.

You can create and control any number of gates you want, all at the same time, and dismiss them as you like. Dismissing and created gates is an Immediate Action, treated as a Free Action. You may hold the gates open for as long as you like, as long as you concentrate (Standard Action). When you cease concentrating, all gates close, and you can't open anymore. The spell ends.

While using this spell, the caster has a continuous Foresight like ability. Allowing him to know every danger that may affect him, at any given time.

Each Gate must pass a Knowledge (Math and Physics) DC check of 40 independently from one another when using Aperture Science, but does so as a Free action. The real DC is 20, but must be 40 to be a Free Action. Because of the inherent nature of the spell, a failed free action check, means the Gate did not open. You simply don’t have the time to wait for longer durations.

All saves using Aperture Science, are treated like 10th level epic spells, but generally only have the effects of 8th to 9th level spells.

Breaking The Connection: Should the caster have Final Gate dispelled/disjoined (Counterspelling counts as dispelling) on himself (not individual gates) before he ends the spell, the abrupt separation from the overwhelming Cosmic Connection kills him instantly. Should the caster be killed by this, he cannot be revived by any means, except Divine Intervention. Luckily, because of his Foresight, this is pretty hard to accomplish; unless he’s facing another Final Gate user.

Calling Creatures (Instantaneous)[edit]

Deities and unique beings are also under compulsion to come through the Gate, although they may be very unhappy with you once the duration of the spell ends.

Creatures of any HD/CR may be called, but only one creature can be called per Gate, and it's gate size corresponds with it's actual size, matching what it needs to move though unharmed.

Deities and unique beings can also be controlled. Immediate tasks for deities and unique beings are limited to 20 rounds.

Deities and unique beings whom you do not have an agreement of some sort with prior to calling, will likely be very upset by the intrusion, and make you seek restitution of some kind (perhaps in service, like a failed promise), if not outright attack you. Depending on the nature of their intelligence, alignment, and whether or not they have the ability to find you. It's always better to get their permission first, normally.

Time for immediate tasks for individual creatures is limited by the number of the highest HD creature you called in rounds. All other creatures are equal to twice the highest HD creature you called.

Other Final Gate Uses and Properties [edit]

It Is Finished: Once the spell is completed, the caster is in a pretty weak state. For the Planar Travel Version, the spell ends safely when the caster stops concentrating. For the Calling version, the spell ends when the duration of the last creatures control ends. They're left in the same condition as a what a Revivify spell would leave it's target. This damage can't be healed magically, it must be healed naturally, over time.

Final Gate Free Actions: In regards to the use of this spell, the caster has an unlimited amount of Free Actions. These Free Actions do not interfere with concentration. Normal Free Actions are still at the discretion of the DM.

Counterspelling: Only a Final Gate can Counterspell a Final Gate. It’s uses far to much power to ever be stopped by anything less than itself.

Aperture Science (The Cake Is A Lie)[edit]

Within the context of this spell, Gate can be used for more than just travel. It can be used Defensively, Offensively, or as a Trap.

Defensively: Anyone behind the open side of a gate big enough to cover them gains Total Cover & Total Concealment from anyone in front of the gate. This also breaks Line of Sight & Line of Effect, stopping most non-area spells. Smaller gates only grant Cover & Concealment, depending on their size, and don't block line of sight or effect. It is important to note, some spells may travel through the Gate, as well as ranged attacks. This could endanger those on the other plane, if their in the way. Those in front of the gate have total concealment & breaks line of sight. Spells & attacks can pass through the closed side of the gate however, and can hurt those on the other side, if you can hit them. Smaller gates only grant concealment & doesn't break line of sight.

Offensively: Mass x Velocity = Holy Crap! "Your sedge weapon is now my comet." Terminal velocity is 120 mph = 1056 feet per round. By Raw, falling objects fall 150ft in the first round, then 300 the next, & so on (e.g. 150+300+600=1050ft). That's 3 rounds to do 105d6 falling damage. So for the purpose of game mechanics, lets use Meteor Swarm as an example, range is about the same, etc. Tiny, 2ft object does a 40ft radius burst, 2d6 bludgeoning damage, & 6d6 fire damage across the area. Next size up, small, 4ft object, double everything. Could go all the way up to a 20ft object, dealing 20d6 bludgeoning, 60d6 fire spread over a radius area of 420ft. Time really is the only limitation to this stupidity, & more than one object could feasibly fit through a Gate. 1 round = 1/6 effect. 2 rounds = 1/2, 3 = full effect, rounded down for simplicity. The force of the comet could probably also knock creatures prone. Creatures who failed their Reflex save are subject to a trip attempt. As an example, a large, 10ft comet, has a +11 bonus (+7 for effective Strength of 25 and +4 for being Large) on the trip check. The comet breaks apart on impact, filling the area with dense rubble (as described on page 90 of the Dungeon Master's Guide). This, of course, is subjective, and may very wildly depending on the shape, density, & nature of the object. Damage from anything other than falling and ranged touch attacks, normally allows a save (see Trap below). Normal weapons, like arrows, bullets, bolts, etc. would probably not gain any additional damage from this effect, as their already hitting those speeds, and then some, but could still get redirected back. Heavier gravity on some planes could also double these numbers, even quadruple, if on a lighter gravity plane.

Trap: Opening a Gate beneath any being that can't fly, in front of any creature moving; or, used in any way as part of a Trap, normally allows a saving throw. Unless, the victim has no plausible way of escape. The saving throw is reflex based, and DC is equal to 10 + 8 (spell equivalent level) + Wis Mod. This is normally used to transport someone to a hostile plane & close the gate behind them, or potentially set up shenanigans in heated combat.

Dimensional Lock: New gates are blocked by Dimensional Lock, & will not form. Gates already open are sealed while the effect is active, but the gate still exists. This creates a one way Wall of Force like effect, that can't be penetrated, even by things that work on a Wall of Force.


All kinds of craziness can be done with gates. Let your imagination fly. Just try to keep the power level of each use of Gate to an 8th-9th spell level equivalent, for some balance. Here are a few examples:


When used under water it can create a Maelstrom (Spell Compendium, p.135) effect, like the spell. When there's not enough water for that, it replicates the Lower Water version of Control Water spell.

On the other side of the portal, a Decanter of Endless Water like effect is created. Depending on the nature of the body of water used, and the depth.

Stream: Pours out 1 gallon/per 1 ft diameter of the gate per round.

Fountain: Produces a 5 ft + 2.5 ft/per additional 1 ft diameter of the gate long stream at 5 gallons/per 1 ft diameter of the gate per round. Basically a Raise Water version of Control Water spell.

Geyser: Produces a 20-foot-long, + 10 ft per additional 1 ft diameter of the gate, stream at 30 gallons/per 1 ft diameter of the gate per round.

The geyser effect causes considerable back pressure, requiring a DC 12, +2 per 1 ft diameter of the gate, Strength check to avoid being knocked down. The initial force of the geyser deals 1d4 points of damage per 1 ft diameter of the gate. If there is debris in the water, use d6's instead of d4's.

Additional Geyser Effects (anything within the geysers area of effect): Besides the initial force of the geyser on the first round, should the Gate remain open, you could also treat those still in the area, like their in a Flashflood (Sandstorm)/Reverse Maelstrom (Spell Compendium, p. 135).

Black Hole Sun, Won’t You Come, and Wash Away The Rain[edit]

If opened within a black hole, or something similar, creates a Reality Maelstrom (Spell Compendium, p.168) & Reverse Gravity effect, like the spell. Could also have a Control Temperature (Frostburn) effect, respectively. The destination could be random or death. Depending on the nature of the event, your views on singularities, etc. A white hole, with reversed effects, could also be possible.

That’s Heavy Doc[edit]

If opened on a plane with more or less gravity, Reverse Gravity spell, respectfully.

This Sucks[edit]

If opened in a vacuum, Control Winds, similar to the spell, till pressure equalizes, if it ever does. Higher or lower pressures without the presence of a vacuum could have lesser effects.

The Floor’s Lava[edit]

If opened in Lava, it can Raise or Lower the lava like a Control Water spell, but only effects half the area per round. Lava moves slowly. Also can create lava falls on the other side of the portal.

Reach For The Stars[edit]

If opened within a star, or something similar, creates a Sunburst like effect, a beam of searing radiance explodes from the portal you create. All creatures hit by the beam are blinded and take 20d6 points of damage per round. A creature to which sunlight is harmful or unnatural takes double damage. A successful Reflex save negates the blindness and reduces the damage by half. The beam is a transient linear event, and is treated like a continuous blast of energy. The beams effect is the range of the Gate spell x the width of the portal created. Everything within 60 ft of the beam is lit up like a Daylight spell, except it's treated as an 8th level spell. It would also create a Reverse Gravity effect. An undead creature caught within the beam takes 2d6 points of damage per caster level (maximum 40d6), or half damage if a Reflex save is successful. In addition, the burst results in the destruction of any undead creature specifically harmed by bright light if it fail its save. The ultraviolet light generated deals damage to fungi, mold, oozes, and slimes just as if they were undead creatures. Sunburst dispels any darkness spells of lower than 9th level within its area, and all 8th level or lower darkness spells within its Daylight effect.

A Quasar would be similar, but would do half its damage as bludgeoning.

In addition, leaving such a Gate open for more than one round begins to raise the temp of the surrounding area, similar to a Control Temperature (Frostburn) spell. Moving up one temperature band per round. Creating a solar wind proceeding from the Gate similar to Control Winds, that would rise in strength as the temperature increases.

In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream[edit]

Adversely, opening a portal to an insanely cold place with pressure deferences do to higher gravity or atmospheric pressure would lower the surrounding temperature via Control Temperature (Frostburn), and would probably have a Reverse Gravity, and/or, Control Winds effect, respectfully.

Consequences and Repercussions[edit]

Unlimited does not mean limitless. You must still set a limit. This limit must be both physically possible with the space you have, and mentally manageable by you and/or your DM. This spell is based on RAW cheese, so discretion is a must. Both the player and the DM should plan the use of this spell together. Abuses should have serious consequences, proportional to the nature of the violation.

Use of this spell is usually heavily regulated by some organization of powerful god’s, etc. If used carelessly or deliberately abused, such beings may permanently strip the caster of the authority/ability to use the spell, if they’re lucky. God’s don’t look kindly on those carelessly wielding power that could effectively kill them all in a instant, or make them subject to the whims of a rogue caster.

Cost and Development[edit]

Spell Cost: To cast this spell, the caster must expend 1 use of Delay Death (Spell Compendium, p.63) or Limited Wish as a 4th or 7th level spell slot, 1 use of Beastland Ferocity (Spell Compendium, p.25) or Limited Wish as a 1st or 7th level spell slot, 1 use of Gate as a 9th-level spell slot, 1 use of Greater Prying Eyes as an 8th-level spell slot, 1 use of Foresight as a 9th-level spell slot, and 1 use of his Cosmic Connection ability. When paying the cost of casting Final Gate, the caster simply loses the prepared spell slot or ability for the day, as if they cast or used it; however, they don’t actually cast the spell, or use the ability; nor does this increase the spells casting time.

Development Notes: If your DM doesn’t use the Knowledge (Math and Physics) skill (which they probably don’t in a typical D&D 3.5 game), either use a relevant Knowledge Skill, or make something up. It should represent, considering the technological level of your campaign, solving simple math problems, predicting basic flight paths, and working with the flow of different types of energy (e.g. the movement of water; the power of an explosion; the force of falling objects, etc.).

XP Cost: 5,000 XP (only for the calling creatures function).

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