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Conjuration (Summoning)
Spellcraft DC: 14
Components: V, S
Range: 75 ft.
Effect: One summoned creature
Duration: 20 rounds (D)
Saving Throw: Will negates (see text)
Spell Resistance: Yes (see text)

This seed can summon an Outsider. It appears where the caster designates and acts immediately, on his or her turn, if its Spell Resistance is overcome and it fails a Will saving throw. It attacks the caster’s opponents to the best of its ability. If the caster can communicate with the Outsider, he or she can direct it not to attack, to attack particular enemies, or to perform other actions. The spell conjures an Outsider the caster selects of CR 2 or less. For each +1 CR of the summoned Outsider, increase the Spellcraft DC by +2. For each additional Outsider of the same Challenge Rating summoned, multiply the Spellcraft DC by x2. When a caster develops a spell with the summon seed that summons an air, chaotic, earth, evil, fire, good, lawful, or water creature, the completed spell is also of that type.

If the caster increases the Spellcraft DC by +10, he or she can summon a creature of CR 2 or less from another monster type or subtype. The summoned creature is assumed to have been plucked from some other plane (or somewhere on the same plane). The summoned creature attacks the caster’s opponents to the best of its ability; or, if the caster can communicate with it, it will perform other actions. However, the summoning ends if the creature is asked to perform a task inimical to its nature. For each +1 CR of the summoned creature, increase the Spellcraft DC by +2.

Finally, by increasing the Spellcraft DC by +60, the caster can summon a unique individual he or she specifies from anywhere in the multiverse. The caster must know the target’s name and some facts about its life, defeat any magical protection against discovery or other protection possessed by the target, and overcome the target’s Spell Resistance, and it must fail a Will saving throw. The target is under no special compulsion to serve the caster.

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