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Ferocious Parry [General]

With a shift in your stance and an adjustment to your grip, you ready yourself to deflect attacks and strike back with far more conviction to your blows than your enemies.
Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +8, Ferocious Assault class feature
Benefit: At the start of your turn you may forgo up to all but one of your attacks available to you that round which could be made as part of your Ferocious Assault, increasing your AC by +1 as a deflection bonus for each attack granted to you that you opt not to use until the start of your next turn. When you are subject to a melee attack that misses you during this time you may, as an immediate interrupt and free action, attack the attacker as if they had provoked an attack of opportunity by you; should you take this attack, your deflection bonus is decreased by 1.

You may only utilize this feat's attack feature equal to the amount of the deflection bonus you gained for forgoing your attacks on your turn.

The attack triggered by Ferocious Parry does not count against the maximum attacks of opportunity you can make in a round.

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