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Design Note: This class was designed to be as simple and refined as possible. As such, it has simple builds, few big mechanics, and no magic at all.


Creating a fencer[edit]

Dexterity should be your highest ability score followed by Intelligence.

Class Features

As a Fencer you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d6 per Fencer level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 6 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d6 (or 4) + Constitution modifier per Fencer level after 1st


Armor: Light armor
Weapons: Simple and Martial Melee Weapons
Tools: None
Saving Throws: Dexterity, Strength
Skills: Perception, Acrobatics, Athletics, Investigation, Persuasion, and Stealth


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • (a) Leather armor or (b) padded armor
  • (a) rapier or (b) long sword
  • (a) short sword or (b) 2 daggers
  • (a) Explorer's pack or (b) dungeoneer's pack

Table: The Fencer

Level Proficiency
Attrition Bonus Dice Features
1st +2 N/A Nimble Attack, Fighting Style
2nd +2 N/A Precision Bonus (+2)
3rd +2 N/A Weapon Expertise (1d8), Lunging Strikes
4th +2 N/A Ability Score Improvement
5th +3 N/A Extra Attack
6th +3 N/A Status Improvement
7th +3 1 Attrition Bonus
8th +3 1 Ability Score Improvement
9th +4 1 Precision Bonus (+4)
10th +4 1 Mortal Strikes
11th +4 2 Extra Attack (2), Attrition Bonus (2)
12th +4 2 Ability Score Improvement
13th +5 2 Weapon Expertise (1d12)
14th +5 2 Status Improvement
15th +5 3 Attrition Bonus (3)
16th +5 3 Ability Score Improvement
17th +6 3 Status Improvement
18th +6 3 Precision Bonus (+6)
19th +6 4 Ability Score Improvement, Attrition Bonus (4)
20th +6 4 Extra Attack (3)

Nimble Attack[edit]

Starting at 1st level, the first attack you make each round strikes twice, gaining additional damage equal to its damage dice. If this attack would critically hit, this bonus is excluded from the additional dice. You may instead choose to attack another creature within 5 feet of you. If the attack would hit, it deals damage equal to the bonus damage (with no modifiers).

Fighting Style[edit]

You adopt a particular style of fighting as your speciality. Choose one of the following options. You can’t take a Fighting Style option more than once, even if you later get to choose again.

  • Defense: While wearing armour, you gain a +1 to AC.
  • Dueling: When you are wielding a melee weapon in one hand and no other weapons, you gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls with that weapon.
  • Mobility: When you attack a creature, you don't provoke opportunity attacks from it for the rest of the turn.

Precision Bonus[edit]

From 2nd level onwards, you gain a +2 to attack rolls made with melee weapons that you are proficient with which deal piercing or slashing damage.

This bonus increases to +4 when you reach 9th level in this class, and to +6 when you reach 18th level in this class.

Weapon Expertise[edit]

Starting at 3rd level, your expertise with your weapons improves their lethality. You may choose to use 1d8 for the damage dice of weapons you are proficient with instead of their usual dice. Weapons you are proficient with which deal piercing or slashing damage are treated as if they have Finesse when you wield them. At 13th level, you may use 1d12 for the damage dice as well.

Lunging Strikes[edit]

Starting at 3rd level, you can move with blinding speed. After moving at least 10 feet in a straight line before attacking you may use your bonus action to gain a +3 bonus to AC until the start of your next turn and the next attack you make this turn gains 5 feet of range.

Extra Attack[edit]

Beginning at 5th level, you can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn.

The number of attacks increases to three when you reach 11th level in this class, and to four when you reach 20th level in this class.

Status Improvement[edit]

At 6th level and again at 14th and 17th level, you can choose to gain one of the following:

  • +5 ft. speed
  • proficiency in one skill
  • +1 in to either DEX, INT, or STR you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Attrition Bonus[edit]

At 7th level, each time you attack the same target consecutively, you add additional damage dice to your attack equal to the number of times you have attacked that target in a row up to 1 times. The maximum number of additional dice increases by 1 at 11th, 14th, and 19th level. This bonus occurs after any additional dice for critical hits and nimble attack. If you end your turn without attacking, the bonus is lost.

Mortal Strikes[edit]

From 10th level onwards, once per round you can make an Intelligence check (investigation) with a DC equal to the AC of an enemy, if you succeed, you can add a number of that creature's hit dice equal to the current stacking of Attrition to the damage of an attack made against that same enemy.

Ability Score Increase[edit]

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of you choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.


Prerequisites. To qualify for multiclassing into the "old school" fencer class, you must meet these prerequisites: 13 DEX and 13 INT

Proficiencies. When you multiclass into the "old school" fencer class, you gain the following proficiencies: rapiers; light armor

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