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Feats (Kanto Supplement)

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Yell out in encouragement. Boost your pokemon's Str Dex Int by +2, and gain 1d4 Temp HP for 4 rounds. Minor action 1/day.


Boost your Cha by 2, able to enter in Contests. Boost 1 Pokemon Cha by 4


Choose 1 Pokemon. Increase Str Dex Con Int by 4. You can only use chosen pokemon in Gym battles


Choose a TYPE. Pokemon you own of the chosen Type get +2 Str Dex Int


Able to start breeding pokemon at daycare. Increase your Int and Wis by 4.


Able to start creating items from basic item list. Increase your Int and Cha by 2.

Gym Leader

Chose a city where you will be a leader. All of your pokemon get +2 Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha in that city.

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