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Favored of Deity [General Feat]

Your Deity favors you more than others and grants you abilities you would other wise never be able to have.
Prerequisite: Follow a Deity and be within alignment for serving Deity. Must have a positive modifier for spell casting ability.
Benefit: You may pick a single domain of your deity as a cleric. You gain that domains special ability as a cleric of your level. You use your own spell casting stat instead of wisdom. If you do not have a spell casting stat use the mental stat that modifies any of your abilites. If you do not have stat that performs this function you may choose which mental stat to use.
Normal: You may not gain access to a domain ability unless you are a cleric or other appropriate class.
Special: If you normally have access to to a domain you instead get an additional use of your ability and you get a +2 bonus to you ability. You can take this feat multiple times. Each time it must apply to a different domain and it's prerequisite lvl before taking it again is increased by 4.

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