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Speed: Atmospheric 7,500 ft. (750 mph); acceleration 750 feet per round. Space 100 light-years per hour.

A medium-sized low-maintenance starship, lightly armored with an advanced composite alloy and intended for very long-distance travel across the stars. It is perfect for trailblazing explorers and other adventurers. It has six cabins which can fit two Medium creatures or one Large creature, each of which provide about as much comfort and amenities as a reasonably-priced hotel room. Twice as many creatures can fit in a cabin, but it will feel cramped. In an atmosphere, which includes most planetary environments, the starship can fly at the speed of sound. In the vacuum of space, the starship can engage its FTL drive to fly at the incredible speed of 100 light-years per hour - sufficient to cross a typical galaxy in only two months. Although it is not primarily intended to be a cargo ship, the starship can carry up to 30 tons of cargo. It is armed with a pair of light laser cannons to deter pirates and other threats that might be encountered in space. An exploratory starship's surface is equipped with panels that allow it to draw power from the particles emitted by nearby stars, but should those be disabled or if the starship has to cross long stretches of empty void it has a backup fusion power plant that provides power for up to 1 year of operation. A life support system provides a livable environment within the ship, providing a moderate temperature and breathable air to its passengers. An artificial gravity generator provides a semblance of normal gravity within the ship, preventing the logistical and health problems, not to mention disorientation that normally comes with zero gravity.


Size. Gargantuan
AC. 20
Hit Points. 500
Damage Threshold 25
Crew and Passengers. 1 pilot; 1 gunner; 22 passengers.

Multiattack. The exploratory starship makes two light laser cannon attacks.

Light Laser Cannon. Ranged Weapon Attack: +8 to hit, range 4 miles/12 miles, one target. Hit: 88 (16d10) radiant damage.

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