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Expert Grappler

Prerequisites: 15 Strength or 15 Dexterity

You live and breath the art of grappling, and through your passions and experiences you've learned to hone your grapples as effective arts to use in combat.

After making an attack action, you may grapple as a bonus action. When making an unarmed attack, you may make this grapple at advantage.

At the start of your turn if you are grappling a creature, you may make a special attack action at advantage in which you slam them into the ground for 1d8 bludgeoning. You may choose to release the grapple to increase the damage to 1d10, if their grapple ends this way they must make Strength Saving Throw(8+Proficency+Strength or Dexterity) upon a failed save they will be left prone.

At the beginning of their turn, if a creature is grappled by you they take 1d4 bludgeoning damage. At 6th level the damage die increases to 1d6, at 10th level the damage die increases to 1d8, at 15the level the damage die increases to 1d10, at level 18 the damage die is increased to 1d12.

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