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Goddess of Loyalty

Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Domains Chaos, Darkness, Glory, Liberation, Strength
Subdomains protean, moon, honor, freedom, ferocity
Favored Weapon Katar, tri-bladed
Symbol Wolf's mouth swallowing a full moon
Sacred Animal Wolf
Sacred Colors

Evunelan stands guard over a forest caught in perpetual snowy winter. A Large wolf, she is often mistaken for a worg or similar creature. However, her intelligence is found in the way she dispatches intruders with exquisite efficiency. Evunelan commands all creatures in her territory, having them swear fealty to her in exchange for protection. She has the ability to speak to all creatures in preternatural sense. When she speaks, her words are understood by those she wishes to understand them. Evunelan can hold an infinite amount of separate conversations with separate creatures in the same vicinity with only the one she is referring to understanding her language. All others hear foreign speech come from both her and the ones she is talking to.

Evunelan has a tattered history with mortal-kind, from hunters to bandits to devians plotting to kill her. As such, she is very slow to trust bipedal human-like creatures who do not recognize her name or follow her example.

She is confident in her abilities, but harbors dark thoughts of her real purpose and how the forests thinks of her. The denizens listen to her from fear and respect; does she have any true friends or equals?


Evunelan finds pride in defending what is yours and thwarting attempts at thievery regardless of the victim. Her followers are not all warriors or heroes, but do find a fire for aggression when something or someone they care about is threatened. Followers of Evunelan do not shy away from fighting if the cause is just enough.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Evunelan did not start her own following, but she does allow it. Her philosophies are shared across many woodlands through the homes of simple folk and even barbarian tribes. Congregations are too flashy for the calm, hushed demeanor that Evunelan portrays. Any followers who have inquiries or seek advice from her need only seek her out in her home. Those who walk with a noble and blameless purpose will be approached by the She Wolf.

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