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Entings are descendants of fey and elves yet still a species unto themselves. Their elven roots are less obvious than their fey ones, evident only in pointed ears and slender face. When elves began to migrate away from the Cormanthor forest, many were reluctant to go knowing their absence would leave other inhabitants of the forest undefended. To remedy this, the most powerful of elven spellcasters tied their spirits to dryads in order to create a bloodline strong enough to defend the forests. It is out of this melded elven/dryad bloodline that entings would later evolve.


Entings are very wise beings. They are generally very patient people, radiating peace and quiet. They are kind and have a deep respect for nature. Some but not many entings long for a greater knowledge than that which the forest has to offer. Their strong bonds with nature and knowledge thereof makes them excellent druids or rangers. Entings who learn to fight tend to do so as monks as these have a code of honor. Fighters are too brutal, and paladins too ill balanced. A decent number of entings becomes wizards or sorcerers too, following in the footsteps of their elven ancestors.

Physical Description[edit]

They have a humanoid build. They are generally a wee bit taller and broader than humans. They have a tough bark-like crackled skin. They have no hair on their bodies, not even on their heads. Their skin tone ranges from brownish grey through browns and oranges with an occasional speck of green. They get to live a long time compared to humans. Their eyes are usually green, but many different other colors also occur, such as browns, orange, purplish brown, blue...


An enting 'village' consists of a forest with several families in them. They usually don't have houses in the common sense, although they may grow vines and other plants into roofs and walls to use for shelter under harsh weather conditions. An enting village would look like a tent camp made of organic materials, with tent sails spun between trees. They spend their time tending the forest and their inhabitants.


Entlings get along with most species, even for their aloofness. They are not good with Fire Elementals and their spawns and descendants, but make good friends with Earth Elementals and any Fey type.


Although Entings are capable of any alignment, most tend towards neutral and neutral good as they believe in the natural balance.


Forests of all sizes. Their largest society used to be in Cormanthor, but it is now suffering under the pressure of the growing numbers of drow there. Methwood and Chondathwood house many entings.


Most worship their patron deity Dendris (N): Domains: earth, animals, plants, healing, charm. Portfolio: dryads, forests, entings, fertility, new life. Symbol: A flat mask of bark. A strand of dark hair covers half the face/mask. The visible eye is a cutout in the mask. (you can see through it). Dendris usually takes on the form of a tall humanoid tree with huge branches full with leaves of all colors. Usually Dendris appears in a form that is both male and female. Others worship Mielikki or other deities that are connected to nature.


Entlings speak common and sylvan as their nature languages.


Entlings tend to be named after plants and trees, especially those known but not native to their area. They are given to them by their parents at birth.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 Wisdom, -2 Dexterity (Entings share a lot of wisdom, but their rough hard bark-like skin makes them less agile)
  • Medium size creature: no penalties or bonuses
  • Base land speed 30
  • Bark-like skin: Natural AC +1 ; Weakness to fire. Entings take 50% extra damage from all fire effects that do damage. This works exactly like a fire elementals weakness to cold
  • Cold Resistance: 5
  • Low-Light Vision
  • Bonus to saves against poison and diseases +2 . As somewhat less fleshy beings, entings have a higher resistance to poisons and diseases.
  • +4 dodge bonus against animals and +1 to hit against dire animals: they tend the forest animals. They have great respect for them but loathe the rabid aggressive dire animals.
  • Handle Animal +2: they spend a lot of time with the forest animals. Knowledge (nature) +2, Survival +2: they grow up in the forest, with all the forest lore. Concentration +2: they are wise and focused beings. Move silently -2: their crackling barkskin makes them a tad more noisy than other fellows.
  • Entings don't sleep. They are immune to sleep effects. They slumber for four hours each day, during which time they are only marginally less alert: -4 to listen and spot checks.
  • Languages: common, sylvan. Bonus languages: elven, aquan, auran, draconic
  • Favored class: Druid

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