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What do we want?[edit]

Some extra money to help D&D Wiki.

What are we looking at getting?[edit]

After we are done with the fundraiser, and we see how much money was donated, we will have a community discussion on what the money should go towards, be it ads to promote D&D Wiki, buying OGC books to add to D&D Wiki, or whatnot.

How can one donate?[edit]

You may view the different methods at D&D Wiki:Site support.

Will my name be added to a list of contributors?[edit]

This is up to you! When we receive the money, we will email you asking you all of the specifics. You may have your name added to a list with the amount contributed, or just your name. You will also get a badge that you may add to your user page.

The list is available here.

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