Emissary of the Underdark (5e Feat)

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Emissary of the Underdark

Prerequisites: Charisma 13 or higher; drow, spiderfol, or other races that dwells in the Underdark
You come bearing knowledge of your people, and seek only to better, or make worse, people's lives with knowledge of your race and their actions.

  • You gain +1 in Charisma, to a maximum of 20.
  • You learn 1 language of your choice, and gain proficiency in 1 tool or 1 skill of your choice.
  • You seem naturally appealing to those with more power, and many are interested in your people and their ways. You can use this curiosity to gain access to areas you might not have had access to before, if you pass on any relevant checks (unlike background features, this is not an instant "get into there free" card, and the DM may ask you to roll persuasion once or twice).

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