Elemental Mastery (5e Feat)

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Elemental Mastery

Prerequisites: Elemental expertise feat
You have absolute mastery over your chosen element as it now surges in your body:

  • You may choose a visual alteration caused by this (i.e. fiery red eyes, pail blue skin, static hair, etc. You are not limited to one effect in this fashion).
  • You can now bypass two levels of resistance to your chosen element. Enemies with immunity to your chosen element are now treated as having no resistance. Enemies with absorption of your chosen element are now treated as having resistance.
  • Spells you cast have advantage to attack rolls when cast in areas that have an "affinity" with your element. For example, landscapes like a harbor, lake or ocean for acid; a mountain or snowy tundra for cold, and desert or volcano for fire. Also note this also takes effect during alterations of areas such as a landslide for thunder, flood for acid, or for more destructive a burning village for fire.
  • When you cause non magical damage or you attack with your element, you can use your mastery to add an additional die of your element's damage.
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