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Weapon (scimitar), artifact (requires attunement by a creature of a chaotic alignment)

END is a jet black scimitar wrapped in fire, that was created from a book that a High Elf wizard acquired. The book is said to have been able to summon a fire demon, with the sword now containing the demon's soul and power. The demon, Charon was the ferryman of Hades who carried souls of the newly deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron that divided the world of the living from the world of the dead. He was caught smuggling souls back to the realm of the living, and was inevitably killed. However, the creature's soul was used to forge the End in the heart of the Lake of Fire which was dipped completely into the River Styx. The name End was given to the scimitar because all who faced against it met their end. You gain a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. The demon's soul must be satisfied, the weapon thrives on death and war. The weapon sees the souls of all creatures that die within a 60 ft radius and absorbs them by sending an astral projection of yourself to retrieve the souls. Once the weapon has absorbed 200 souls, you gain the knowledge to cast power word kill. The weapon must absorb another 200 souls to cast power word kill again, the spellcaster retains the knowledge of how to cast the spell, but they lack the means. The weapon also functions as a scimitar of speed and as a vorpal sword.

END demon_bone_scimitar_by_ravenousfire-d81sa6r.png

Phantasmal Projection: When a creature dies within a 400 ft radius of the End, an astral image of yourself is sent out to retrieve it's soul so it can be reaped. In this form, you can use all your weapons, spells, abilities, and items, though they will not likely have much effect on a soul. In astral form, You are able to wield the END to reap souls. While reaping souls, you are not affected by anything from the Realm of the Living, and you cannot affect the Realm of the Living. No one can see you or any other astral forms unless they too are dead. You will fight separate from your character. If anyone or anything is reaping the souls that died within 400 ft of End, conflict will arise between the you and the other reaper. Charon, being a previous ferryman of Hades, gives you an advantage and a +2 bonus to attack rolls while fighting another reaper. As an astral form, you can fly at a speed of 30 ft through objects as you are incorporeal.

Demonic Armor: While you are wielding END, you have a +3 bonus to your AC.

Mind Pierce: END's inner strength can be accessed by its owner as an action, causing the blade to emit a brilliant purple flame that attempts to pierce another creature's mind. A creature of your choice within 60 feet of you must make a DC 25 Wisdom saving throw. If they fail, and they have 2 or fewer points of exhaustion, they act as if they have 5 points of exhaustion. At the end of an affected creatures turn, they can repeat the saving throw, ending the effect early on them on a success. The weapon regains use of this effect after 1 minute.

Soul Sharing: While you are attuned to End, your souls merges with the soul of Charon. Your thoughts, emotions and intentions cannot be determined clearly through any means since there is another soul merged with yours. If one tries to determine your thoughts, they might end up reading the thoughts of Charon and not you. Having your soul merged with a demon who has waded through the fires of hell and endured the wails of the dead for many lifetimes gives you resistance psychic damage. Furthermore, you cannot sleep without the hearing the souls of the damned scream and wail in agony. Additionally, your soul cannot be stolen or destroyed as long as you are attuned to End. Disattunement can only be achieved by destroying the weapon in a forge with coals from the deepest part of the Lake of Fire, lit by the original fire stolen by Prometheus and hammered by the hammer of Hephaestus.

Conflict: Charon's desire is to be ruler over Hades. Since conquering the original Hades is near impossible, he intends to create and rule over a realm and shape it to resemble the original Hades. He will try to manipulate you into bringing about his goal, and seeing through his manipulations is difficult.

Flames of Hades: The weapon deals an additional 2d8 fire damage + 2d8 force damage.

Unchanging: The End scimitar cannot be broken, shattered, dulled, blocked, rusted, aged, melted, corroded, snapped, etc. It cannot be destroyed by any means, not even with a wish spell or divine means. The weapon has been dipped into the River Styx and can only be made vulnerable to any physical ailments when the River Styx dries up completely.

Merged: Any creature trying to wield the End who is not attuned will take 2d8 fire damage and will be burning, taking the damage again at the start of each of their turns. The fire burning the creature is magical and can be dispelled by any spell or feature that dispels magic.

Hound of Hades: The attuned spellcaster can use a turn to summon Cerberus, the guard-dog of Hades who was taken care of by Charon. Cerberus will follow the commands of the attuned spellcaster or Charon if he doesn't agree with what you are doing. Cerberus is immune to any non-magical and magical attempts to cause him to disobey the attuned spellcaster. When Cerberus is killed, he is destroyed and reborn in Hades. You regain the ability to summon him again at midnight each full moon. You can use another turn to dispel Cerberus, doing this when he is still alive enables you to summon him again before midnight with the same hitpoints as he had when he was dispelled.
Sentience. END is a sentient chaotic evil weapon. It has an Intelligence score of 21 (+5), a Wisdom score of 18 (+4), and a Charisma score of 25 (+7). It has hearing and darkvision out to 120 feet. The weapon can speak, read and understand Common, Draconic, Infernal, Abyssal, and Undercommon, and Celestial and can communicate telepathically with its wielder. While you are attuned to it, END understands all languages you know.
Personality. END is quick witted, charming and loves to dark jokes, but is deadly serious in times of conflict. Due to the demon's understanding of people's personalities, it is an uncannily good judge of character. It has an intense hatred of creatures from any good alignment,(though not any females as Charon trafficked only females backed to the Realm of the Living to be reunited with their loved ones) and refuses to allow them to attune to it. Conflict arises at the next dawn, if the wielder allows creatures from any good aligned creatures to perform good deeds.

Destroying END: END can only be destroyed by being returned to a forge with coals from the deepest part of the Lake of Fire, lit by the original fire stolen by Prometheus and hammered by the hammer of Hephaestus.


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