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Blashyyrk E6[edit]

"Blashyyrk mighty be your name victorious a kingdom we made
with strength and pride all the way you are at the heart of winter
The statue watches the kingdom your giant wings make all beneath
I'm staring forth the raventhrone I know I'm at the heart of winter"

~Currently under construction~ Blashyyrk E6 is a campaign setting based on E6 with lower-power magic and a greater reliance on physical combat and practical skills. As such, there are many changes to the 3.5 D&D system to accomodate the higher reliance on mundane combat and changes to magic to offset the loss of its power.


Player Information

Overview of Rule Changes
Character Creation
Character options
Gear and equipment

World Information

Peoples of the world
  • History of the Northern Realms
Deities and Pantheons
Cosmology and the Planes
  • Nations and Realms
  • Churches and Religions
  • Orders
  • Guilds

DM Information

Environments, hazards, and diseases
Running games
  • Adventure hooks
  • Premade adventures and campaigns
  • Campaign themes

At The Heart Of Winter.jpg

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