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In Blashyyrk, clerics are able to worship whole pantheons of gods, rather than being restricted to only one, if they wish to do so. The peoples of the world for the most part follow the Asgardian Pantheon.


Asgardian Pantheon[edit]

Table: Asgardian Pantheon[edit]

Name Domains Rank Alignment Favoured Weapon Porfolio
Odin Air, Knowlege, Magic
Travel, Trickery, War
G NG Shortspear Knowlege, magic, supreme, war, wisdom
Aegir Death, Destruction, Evil,
Strength, War
I NE Greatclub Sea, storms
Balder Good, Healing,
I NG Greatsword Beauty, light, poetry, rebirth
Forseti Knowlege, Protection,
I N Longsword Justice, war
Frey Air, Good, Plant, Sun G NG Greatsword Agriculture, fertility, harvest, sun
Freya Air, Charm, Good, Magic I NG Longsword Fertility, love, magic, vanity
Frigga Air, Animal, Community,
G N Natural weapons Birth, fertility, love
Heimdall Good, Law, War I LG Longsword Watchfulness, sight, hearing, loyalty
Hel Death, Destruction, Evil I NE Longsword Underworld, death
Hermod Chaos, Luck, Travel D CN Rapier Luck, communication, freedom
Loki Chaos, Destruction, Evil,
G CE Dagger Thieves, trickery, murder
Njord Air, Good, Water I NG Longspear Commerce, sea, wind
Odur Chaos, Fire, Sun D CG Bastard sword Light, sun, travel
Sif Chaos, Good, War L LG Longsword War, dueling
Skadi Destruction, Earth,
L N Greataxe Earth, mountains
Surtur Evil, Fire, Law, Strength,
I LE Longsword Fire, war
Thor Chaos, Good, Protection,
Strength, War, Weather
G CG Warhammer Storms, thunder, war, protection, strength
Thrym Chaos, Earth, Evil, Strength,
L N Greataxe War, cold, giants
Tyr Law, Protection, War I LN Longsword Courage, trust, strategy
Uller Chaos, Protection, Travel L CN Longbow Archers, hunting, winter

Table: Asgardian Deities by class[edit]

Class Deities (Alignment)
Bard Balder(NG), Freya(NG), Hermod(CN), Odin(NG)
Barbarian Odur, Sif, Skadi, Thor, Thrym, Uller
Cleric Any
Druid Frey(NG), Frigga(N), Odur(CG), Skadi(N), Uller(CN), Hel(NE)
Fighter Freya(NG), Heimdall(LG), Odin(NG), Sif, Surtur(LE), Thor(CG), Thrym, Tyr(LG)
Knight Heimdall(LG), Tyr(LN), Surtur(LE)
Mage Balder(NG), Freya(NG), Hermod(CN), Odin(NG)
Ranger Balder(NG), Freya(NG), Hermod(CN), Odin(NG)
Rogue Balder(NG), Freya(NG), Hermod(CN), Loki (CE)

Asgardian Pantheon Domain[edit]

The Asgardian deities are tied to War, Trickery, and Foresight.
Special: Once per day, the Cleric may, as an immediate action, make an attack against a target that has attacked him and dealt damage. He must do so immediately. He makes a melee attack roll against that target. The target must be within melee range. If he hits, he deals an extra amount of damage equal to the damage that he took from the attack that triggered this attack.
Special: The Cleric gains a +2 bonus to all Hide, Move Silently, and Bluff checks, and adds those skills to his skill list.
Special: The Cleric gains a +2 bonus to all Knowledge checks.

Table: Asgardian Pantheon Cleric Domain[edit]

Spell Level Domain spells
1 Magic Weapon, Disguise Self, Identify
2 Spiritual Weapon, Invisibility, Augury
3 Magic Vestment, Nondetection, Cure Serious Wounds


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