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Racial Feats[edit]

Earth Lore [Racial][edit]

Dwarven spell casters have a connection with the natural stone of there homeworld that powers their spells.
Prerequisite: Dwarf, arcane spellcaster level 3rd
Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on the save DC of your arcane spells if you are standing on natural rock or earth.

Note: This feat is related to the The Test of Time (DnD Campaign Setting)Dwarves Feats.

Stone Master [Racial][edit]

Dwarven spellcasters gain an unsurpassed ability to work with natural stone.
Prerequisite: Must be a Dwarf, arcane spellcaster level 6, Earth Lore
Benefit: You can drop any prepared spell in exchange for a stone shape spell. For your stone shape spells, the percentile chance that an object with moving parts will not work is reduced by 1% per character level.

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Herald of the Earth [Racial][edit]

Dwarven spell casters often receive a familiar from the priests of Krilos
Prerequisite: Dwarven, familiar, Int 13
Benefit: You gain an small earth elemental as a familiar. The elemental grants you a +2 bonus on Concentration checks to cast defensively.

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