Duelist's Buckler (5e Equipment)

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Duelist's Buckler[edit]

Cost Armor Class (AC) Strength Stealth Weight
20 gp +1 - - 3 lb.

A duelist's buckler functions as an off-hand weapon for a user of a single handed weapon. The buckler can be held in one hand or strapped to a forearm to offer protection by essentially turning an arm into a piece of armor capable of blocking ranged and melee attacks, though not offering true cover, as a shield would. A buckler can be wielded alongside a singlehanded weapon with or without the versatile property. If it is wielded by a versatile weapon, a character may make an attack with the weapon using it's 2 handed property without losing the benefit from their buckler. Unlike a shield, a buckler does not inhibit a characters ability to wield a weapon, so using one does not count as wielding a weapon in each hand.

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