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Enjoy, the Teoryran description of the classical and well loved drow.

The Drow[edit]

The Drow’s ancestor lived in lands of white deserts and lands of half forests and half jungles. Here their skin was darkened by purity of the Sun and they learned to adapt to see in darkness and avoid sunlight because the Sun was to hot and to bright for their elven eyes. Then a meteor struck and exterminated all life on the planet, the sun died and the sky turned into black clouds. The oceans dried out and forests from plant down to the soil itself turned to stone. The Drow survived by digging down below the surface where it was still hot, with science and magic they build a great stalite, their city. Each stalite was siphoning Sunlight through a small opening down to the Temple in the Stalite, where the crystals called Sun Gems, powered the Stalite with its energy. They called them Stalites and they where bastions of the sun in a world of darkness. The Drow split into two groups, those that worshipped the reincarnation and return of the Sun and those wanted to stay in the underworld for eternity. The Priests used their magic’s to create puppet gods from their collective energy and send it to fight against the wizards who used their magic to expel divine spellcasting effects in order to make sure that Drow where free of gods.

Drow Society[edit]

The Drow use a network where all Stalites are in theory connected and the government is centralized by expanding the civilisation unto one building which means that the government is actually decentralized and fluid. The Drow Queen rules supreme by the rights of blood and religion, below her there are numerous female dominated noble houses, and below them lower noble houses with more dominant males. At the middle of the pyramid there is a huge set of clans of free men with endless pyramid of slaves below them. Drow do not have strict feudal system and use monetary system for exchange and guarantee of transactions. The nobility are privileged and breed and born into high status professions but they work for salary but pay no tax, so they are an nobility of officers, bureaucrats and spoiled socialites. The Drow favours scientists and fanatic priest equally and is thorned between atheism and religion.

The Drow Castes[edit]

  • ‘’’The Matriarchs.’’’

favoured class: sorcerers In Drow society, women are on the top because they do not die from childbirth, live longer than males, and males are traditionally seen as expendable after reproduction. This does not apply to women of lower status, the Matriarchs are all women from the upper nobility.

  • ‘’’The Warriors’’’
  • favoured class: fighter.

‘’The Drow rarely make wars, they prefer murder and executions.’’ ‘’Despite this the race obsess with birthing armies from the wombs of its generals’’ ‘’because of the power it brings. Drow crave and strive in conflict and civil wars,’’ ‘’in fact it is seen as more honourable to fight rebels from the ranks of soldiers’’ ‘’than to fight rabble and civilians.’’ ‘’When they do make wars, they fight to exterminate or be exterminated which’’ ‘’means neither side can win and the drow eventually stops and goes home out of boredom. ‘’

  • ‘’’The Artificers’’’;
  • favoured class: wizards

‘:The artificers use magic and science to crafts advanced machines such as flying transport discs and’’ ‘’:buildings with living doors and running hot water.’’ ‘’:Generally these items are of weak contribution and there is still great need for slavery.’’ ‘’:An Artificer can create transport discs that allows the drow to transport through huge tunnels’’ ‘’:but they haven’t figured out how to make an functioning steam powered mill’’ ‘’: The Artificers are always aggressively atheistic’’

  • ‘’’The Sun Seer.’’’;

‘’:The Solar Cult has made its mark on the race, the Sun Seers do not’’ ‘’:They accept both male and priestess, though the majority of females’’ ‘’:see the sun as a masculine concept and either reject it or admire it.’’ ‘’:worship the physical sun if they know about it. Rather they worship’’ ‘’:the spiritual sun of their inner visions. They are visionaries, administrators’’ ‘’:and priests who are allowed to marry though they are openly despised’’ ‘’:because of their love of gold, gems and items of vanity especially..’’ ‘’:because they claim to be devoid of greed’’

  • ’’’The Schoolars’’’

‘’there is no better name for these odd drown, who reject the company of others’’ ‘’to pursue the ultimate wisdom. They believe that there is an objective and distant’’ ‘’reality that exist outside and independently of sentient beings and’’ ‘’even independently of the Gods. For some strange reason they ‘’ ‘’are stoic to others suffering wile embracing sado-machocism’’ ‘’for they believe that no creature have “pain receptions if they can not’’ ‘’handle that pain“. They see the universe as controlled by uncaring’’ ‘’elements that are merely balanced by the Gods but not controlled by them.’’

  • ’’’The Explorers’’’
‘’The explorers are actually miners and tunnel makers.’’
’’they are also archeologics and skilled in everything about stones’’
  • ‘’’The Moon Seer’’’;
‘’The moon seers are priestesses who do not participate in the sun cult.’’
‘’The Moon represents no particular Symbol, rather the Moon represents’’
‘’any alternative or not-solar related concept of religion.’’
‘’The Moon Seers insist on female goddesses with clear drown features’’
‘’( as humanlike gods) instead of natural forces and reject the Sun as ‘’
‘’an ball of fire in heaven and not a God. ‘’
  • ‘’’The Purifiers’’’

‘’:The purifiers are an religious order of blind faith through action’’ ‘’:instead of thinking, because they are soldiers.’’ ‘’:The purifiers hunts out the deviants that taints the drow race’’ ‘’:mentally or physically. Purifiers believe in absolute good’’ ‘’:that demand that only the pure shall be saved if they convert’’ ‘’:and all else must be purged because they are evil’’


No drow are agnostic, the race see neutrality as a pretext of betrayal’’
:and naturally prefer black and white loyalties while also being to arrogant to doubt’’
:Half the drow are aggressive atheistic the rest are fanatical with degrees of subtlety.’’
:The Drow Religion takes many form but always have one purpose, that to preserve women stay’’
:power in society and enforce and encourage female traits to the population.’’
:Having female personality traits leads to more respect and belief in ones competence than masculine’’
:personality traits, something which makes the males very hostile toward homosexuals
that abuse this system.’’
:Drow Religion follows an immanent pluralistic belief system, where every phenomena’’
:is caused by deities and everything is more or less alive. The Drow have a weak sense of identify’’
:because they believe the material that makes up their bodies have a life of its own’’
:that is difficult to separate from the living floor and living air around the drow.’’
:This dissolved and blurry view often leads to a great deal of positive fascination for machines’’
:because the machines are sentient, and a high sexual drive because they have difficult to separate’’
:their identity from the identity of others and very hard to separate their identity from their urges.’’
:Another religious theme is motherhood, the transformation of flesh to a person’’
:and the separation of what was once the part of the mothers body is almost’’
:a symbol for everything in Drow life.’’
:Some sceptical Drow scholars even say that Drow never grow up.’’

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