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Drain Emotion (Cha)[edit]

You can drain intense emotion, calming those around you.

Requirements: Telepathy feat

Check: None. The target creature must make a Will saving throw or be drained of all extremes of emotion. The creature is calm and incapable of taking violent action (although it can defend itself) or doing anything else destructive. Any aggressive action or life-threatening damage against the subject breaks the effect. Drain emotion can be used to end a barbarian’s rage (though the barbarian does benefit from the +2 morale bonus on his save). This skill also suppresses (but does not dispel) mind-affecting abilities that rely on emotion, such as Empathic Projection. While the Drain Emotion skill lasts, the suppressed ability has no effect. You can maintain Drain Emotion by concentrating. It lasts for 1 round per skill rank after concentration lapses. A successful save means the creature acts normally.

Special: You must be in mental contact with the target.

Time: Drain Emotion is a standard action. It lasts for 1 round per skill rank.

Strain: 2.

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