Dragon Scale Essence (5e Equipment)

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Potion, Uncommon/Rare/Very Rare

When drunk, the user must roll a d20 to determine its duration. A 1 is 1 minute, a 2-5 is 30 minutes, a 6-10 is 1 hour, a 11-15 is 8 hours, a 16-19 is 1 day, and a 20 is 1d4 days. Once drunk, this potion grants the user +1 AC and resistance to slashing damage, as well as a specific damage type depending on the dragon scale used in the potion.

A dark colored liquid, taking on the color of the dragon scale used in the potion, either Red=Fire, Green=Poison, Blue=Cold, White=Lighting, Brass=Bludgeoning, Gold=Radiant, Bronze=Piercing, Copper=Acid, Silver=Thunder, or Black=Necrotic, and depending on if the scale is from a young, adult, or ancient dragon, the resistance will either be 1/4, 2/4, or 3/4 reduced and the AC will increase by one each increment to a max of +3. Both rarity and price will also increase, going from uncommon=200gp, rare=600gp, very rare=1000gp. Once the affects take hold, the user grows scales all over their body, which are the same as their original skin color, however, are sightly tinted by the color of the potion, and then are shed after the affects end.

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