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Wondrous Item, artifact (requires attunement/only on every 3rd day)

An old relic, from a time long forgotten. This gray glove has several different shades of gray swirling across its surface, like mists trying to over run each other. Across the back of the hand area of the glove is a series of symbols that together, look like an eye. To activate the item, the user must speak the words "everything changes, even fate" while wearing the glove, facing a reflective surface, and moving your hand so that the glove is covering your eyes.

"Your natural vision fades and you see your reflection through the eye of the glove, only to realize that you are not seeing yourself as expected. A silhouetted form, wearing silver white gloves and a slate gray top-hat is staring back at you. Two metallic silver eyes meet your gaze as an unseen mouth asks "What is it that you seek?" You reply with the words of power (that you did not know that you knew) "I wish to tempt my fate". The silhouetted figure chuckles and reaches out to you and replies in almost a whisper, "So be it". Upon your hand touching theirs, your vision shimmers and turns to various shades of gray. You then roll a 1d20. If the dice lands on an odd number you have disadvantage on all attack rolls, ability checks, & saving throws for one hour. If the dice lands on an even number you have advantage on all attack rolls, ability checks, & saving throws for one hour. Also, if your odd roll was a 5 or less, then the closest creature to you (friend or foe) has disadvantage on their next attack roll. If your even roll was a 16 or more, then the closest creature to you (friend or foe) has advantage on their next attack roll."

This item has a strict rule of only being used once every 72 hours. if that rule is broken, roll a 1d4 to determine the results. (The user of the item receives a note from seemingly no where, when that rule is broken. That mysterious note explains that the bizarre effects are meant as a warning and further attempted use during that particular 3 day wait could disenchant symbols on the glove. The note also provides the information needed to bring the strange effects to an end.)

  • The sky becomes striped or gains polka dots, and is filled with stuffed animal clouds for 24 hours or until your entire party dresses up as cute animals and have a picnic in the center of town.
  • All edible foods taste like slightly burned bread until it rains or you run naked through the village/town you are in, screaming what your favorite food is all the way to the other side.
  • Water no longer has a "wet" property so you don't become clean or quench the sensation of thirst until sunset or until your party has made 3 standard sized sand/dirt castles and then go for a swim.
  • If you trip, jump or dive, you are more likely to fall upwards, left, or right than downward (can roll an additional 1d4 to determine the direction or can just be at the GM's discretion) until you tell 20 different horses how pretty their eyes are with at least 5 witnesses present.

Destroying the Donnonodrion's Glove. can be destroyed by any means that a normal glove can. The key to the powers are the symbols crafted onto the material. if a strong and knowledgeable enough enchanter is available, then the symbols can be transferred to another object.

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