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--Kydo (talk) 13:03, 23 September 2016 (MDT)[edit]

Mornin' folks, just thought I'd say something since we finally reached a milestone.

The Help:Portal is pretty much done. I think it's pretty awesome. If anyone would like to go through and criticize it or polish it, that would be appreciated.

The old and incredibly outdated D&D Wiki:Community Portal has been updated into a community projects portal. It contains the Featured Articles, D&D Wiki on Facebook, and D&D Wiki Magazine projects. That said, it's kinda' bare-bones, and I'm not sure how to include the SRD transcription projects. If anyone who is working on the SRD projects could perhaps include a page representing those projects, that would be cool!

For the facebook page, I was trying to make a gallery DPL for images uploaded for use there, but I can't figure out how to get that to work. DPL3 is supposed to be compatible with old DPL commands, but even just a basic copypasta of the example code for a gallery in the original wikimedia dpl extension wiki code doesn't work. It seems gallery isn't a recognized mode? Anyone got any ideas on that? I currently just have it linking to a category.

Also, a tip of my hat to User:SirSprinkles who has created the 5e Creature Design Guide, and it's already off to an awesome start!

I have been noticing an increase in new users who also contribute something very soon after making an account. This seems like a good thing to me.

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