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Half-Demon Combinations[edit]

I have an idea for a monster i wanna test for the realm im making. I wanna kno if anyone would know what the stats would be for each of them. I wanna make a half Demon of these combinations i wanna kno what would be the stats and benefits of all of the different demons with being mixed. (these are made by one of the realm godesses for an island that is made to be a sacrificing place for a certain race we have in it.

Babau & Tarrasque

Balor & Tarrasque

Bebilith & Tarrasque

Dretch & Tarrasque

Glabrezu & Tarrasque

Hezrou & Tarrasque

Marilith & Tarrasque

Nalfeshnee & Tarrasque

Quasit & Tarrasque

Retriever & Tarrasque

Succubus & Tarrasque

Vrock & Tarrasque

Badger I kno you may be able to help with this please assist. Thanks

Ohgren 18:52, 14 June 2011 (MDT)

I would not go for Tarrasque. Gray Render is a good choice. Maybe Blue or Green Slaad

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