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Why is it not a preload, and why is there a spot for "Benefit"?[edit]

Surgo 12:58, 9 March 2009 (MDT)[edit]

There are two pages for the addition of 3.5e flaws: the preload, and the addition page. The addition page is the one that is currently used, which is odd, because everything else on the wiki seems to use the preload. Could someone clarify why we aren't using the preload here?

Anyway, it has a slot for "Benefit", which really shouldn't be there. The benefit is always 1 bonus feat. Anything else should be done as a trait. I'm not sure how to change the special page. Could an administrator do it?

Green Dragon 13:58, 9 March 2009 (MDT)[edit]

DnD Flaws (as well as a few other pages throughout D&D Wiki) uses a form to add new material. Forms make much less room for error then preloads (categories are pre-added, nothing needs to be deleted, etcetera. Basically the formatting is done by the form and the information filled out by the user.), and they should be easier for users who are unfamiliar with wiki-syntax to correctly add content. Throughout time they are becoming standard.

Although you are right — why is their a benefit option? I removed it and made it default to "Bonus Feat." If someone needs to change it on their flaw they can edit it after they edit it through the form.

Green Dragon 18:50, 4 April 2009 (MDT)[edit]

See also Talk:3.5e Homebrew#Add A New Page.

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