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Hi I'm new to D&D and for the Last 2 weeks I have bean making a class Called a Puppeteer. So far I got a bit of Info down on paper on how the class would function and use a Puppet and spells.(The Puppet Acts as an extension of the Puppeteer). But I'm having allot of trouble with the spells. Now most of the Puppeteers spells allow a will save. So here is my problem I've bean trying to find out how to determine what they would have to roll to save them self from the spell. I know about the will save + Wisdom and the D20 to determine there throw, but I don't know what the spells them selves would require of the foe to be saved from them. I hope I'm making sense hear. PS the skills would Be classified under the Mind-Affecting if that helps.

Example Skill: Paranoia:For X(Most likely 2) rounds the foe Thinks there's something horrible behind him and drops his guard to look behind him allowing allies an attack of opportunity. Each one of his terns after that(for the X) this process is repeated unless he makes a successful will save. If He makes a successful will save this skill ends.

Casting Time:1 or 2 full rounds

Range: 60 feet

Saving throw:Yes

Thanks in advance for the help.--Yozuk 01:15, 20 August 2008 (MDT)

JayKay 15:35, 26 August 2008 (MDT)[edit]

As far as I have seen, the general formula for a DC when using a power for a base class typically is 10+(1/2 class levels)+ Ability Modifier. In this case, I'd suggest Charisma, as it is typically the attibute used to manipulate others. Then again, I could also see Intelligence used for this formula as well. So, for your new skill, the formula would look a bit like this:

10+(1/2 your Puppeteer levels, round down)+Cha Mod.

Hope this helps,


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