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Can a homunculus be a familiar?[edit]

Daniel Draco 16:43, 12 June 2007 (MDT)[edit]

I was looking at the improved familiar feat, and it says that a homunculus can be an undead spellcaster's familiar, but it seems to imply that it's just an example, not a rule. What exactly are the restrictions on a homunculus familiar?


Sledged (talk)
2007 June 13 11:32 (MDT)

That's just an example of pairing the familiar's (sub)type to the master's (sub)type. The feat says The list in the table above presents only a few possible improved familiars. Almost any creature of the same general size and power as those on the list makes a suitable familiar. The only restrictions are the size and power of the creature, and it's alignment must be within one step of the master's on each of the alignment axes (and homunculi always have their master's alignment).

However, you have to pay the costs for both creating the homunculus and obtaining a familiar, and if the homunculus is destroyed you suffer the effects of losing a familiar and take 2d10 points of damage. You can also dismiss a homunculus (suffering only the effects of losing a familiar) without destroying it, but still maintaining control of it, and obtain another familiar. And though you're limited to only one familiar at a time, you may create as many homunculi as your monetary and XP resources allow.

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