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Big probs with homebrew posting[edit]

Valkyr 01:13 4 February 2009[edit]

I worked long and hard on a homebrew. It is nothing that D&D has ever even attempted in it's entire history. I made a Martial Arts Master. This guy is complete with almost 300 different techniques and 7 different styles. Presently I'm trying to gather info on the 8th style, The 8 Drunken Gods style. My main problem is that the class is far too complex for the homebrew template construct. Does anyone know where else I could submit it? Somewhere I could just copy and paste it? I have it fully written out in Microsoft Word. It took me 9 days at 6-8 hours per day to write. It would be such a shame for it to go to waist.

Jota 01:39 4 February 2009[edit]

Under special pages (located in the left sidebar) there are things that might help you. If that doesn't work you could simply post it and ask for help with the formatting. To give an alternative, you can spin off side pages, like I did here with the epic levels and campaign information for one of my classes, so that everything is linked to one page and yet the information is on multiple pages. Are you familiar with the formatting system that the wiki uses? -- Jota 22:39, 3 February 2009 (MST)

Ganteka 15:57, 10 February 2009 (MST)[edit]

Wiki formatting is surprisingly flexible in the things that you can do with it. If you take the time to learn how it works (plus look at other classes to see how they formatted things when adding in stuff that's beyond the base template), you should find that wiki formatting is infact entirely capable of handling your class. Classes like Sulacu's Martial Artist has its own page of Martial Arts Maneuvers (see top for adding content) and for layout see 3.5e Maneuver Preload. With a little effort and a lot of time, hugely ginormous projects can be handled, navigated, and used as game content. Of course, making it is the easy part, balance of such a thing is a whole 'nother issue. Essentially, there is no big problem with wiki formatting, other than taking the time to learn a new medium. Good luck, and remember, if you have problems, ask someone and check around at other pages.

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