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Assurance on a party choice

Theseacaptain7 08:21, 20 September 2008 (MDT)[edit]

being fairly new to the game, i wanted to make sure we made good choices, but i'll keep it very basic (just Race and Class) we have: an Elven Bard, a Dwarven Fighter, an Elven Wizard, a Human Cleric, and a Half-Elf Rogue

(sorry about all the Elves, the other guys are new too, and didn't realize they needed to switch it up a little)

Dracomortis 19:56, 5 March 2009 (MST)[edit]

Actually, the default party that Wizards of the Coast uses consists of a cleric, a fighter, a rogue, and a wizard. The bard is also widely viewed as the ideal fifth party member, as it can grant plenty of bonuses to everything the other four members do, so good choice. You shouldn't have any problems with that group.

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