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The disciples we're the first thing created by all of the gods collectively and have a small amount of every God in them and it shows


Disciples are some for the most prideful people you'll ever meet, they don't think they know they are the best and their action show this. They often get into fights with other races that would look down on them and are almost always victories

Physical Description[edit]

The Disciples are tall and built. They can have wings or multiple of the same body parts such as arms, legs, eyes, and so on. They can change anything about their body at will and often are never found in the same shape twice


Disciples are proud and stubborn and will fight for what they believe in. Most look down on other races because they are not equal they are the superior race and will fight for this belief. They are sterile to keep the number of Disciples limited


Disciples are the true balance and are always neutral for they are not evil not good they just kinds live however they choose


Disciples are born from the angelic plans but left to find a challenge in the world with struggle but they are most comfortable in the angelic planes


The Disciples are the creation of all of the gods. They often pray to the gods and love gods and are very curious to find other lesser know gods to worship


They have tongues always active so they can interact and learn from all races about their gods and cultures


Created by the gods to be the most diverse people to live they can have any name under the stars

Racial Traits[edit]

  • + 10 to all stats
  • size medium
  • all hit dice become d20 regardless of class
  • base land speed 150ft fly speed 250ft
  • blindsight: they can see in complete darkness up to 200ft
  • enhanced sense: Disciples have the ability to hear, see, and smell almost triple that of humans.
  • change at will: the gods wanted the disciples to be able to adapt to any situation. The disciples can change their bodies at will and their modifications can't be dispelled or removed unless they choose to do so themselves
  • immortal body: do not need to eat, sleep, drink, or breath to live
  • godly presence: anyone within a 100ft radius of the Disciples feels enlightened and at ease unless they are hostile creatures.
  • frightful glance: anything that meets the gaze of the disciples and if they so choose to see stricken with a horrible fear.
  • godly favor: +10 to Ac.
  • regeneration: Disciples are able to regenerate lost limbs within 10 min.
  • telepathy: Disciples can communicate with a creature within a 500ft radius.
  • blink: Disciples can teleport at the blink of an eye but only within 200ft of their current location.
  • luck of the gods: blessed by the gods if the Disciple rolls a Nat 1 they can choose to reroll it

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