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Wondrous Item (natural), artifact

Deus Aquis is an ancient power that allows a creature to summon and manipulate water at will. The origin of this power is unknown, and few know the methods of transmission, fewer still know who holds this forsaken power. Those who wield Deus Aquis are given a branding by the power, its shape varies, but it is always a symbol made from clear blue water on the upper back. This power gives the user access to a pocket dimension filled with water, which they can access at any time. This pocket dimension contains 1000 litres of purified liquid water, and refills 10d10 litres of water after a long rest. By summoning this water from within, they are able to mold it into great creations, limited only by the user's imagination. The power of water is in how it bends and flows, it can take any form while still retaining a strong current. One thing is known for sure about those who wield this rare power, they should not be trifled with.

Summoning Water

Summoning any amount of water from the pocket dimension does not require an action. It materializes from the user’s skin, ignoring any equipment or clothing the user is wearing. Water can be summoned as Active, or Dull water. Active water can be manipulated by the user within a set range, Dull water is non-magical, and will act as normal water. The user can choose to make any amount of currently active water into dull water, but dull water can never become active once dull. Active water is limited to 100 litres at any time, if more water is used, add 1 level of exhaustion for every minute too much water remains active.

Active Water

Active Water can be manipulated in many ways to suit the user’s needs. Using Active Water, the user can create any weapon, item, armor, tool, or other creation they can imagine. Once created, its form will have the durability consistent with adamantine, and will cause no encumbrance to its user. If it is complex in nature (i.e. guns, machinery, cars, etc.) the user must have an accurate knowledge of its creation and mechanisms for it to be usable. Active water will remain within the user’s control within 50 feet of them. Any creation that leaves the 50 foot range will retain its form for 10 minutes before becoming dull, this will still occur even if the water re-enters the 50 foot range. When within range, the user can focus on and manipulate one body of water at a time, and any previous creations retain their form. While focusing on a body of water, they control its form, temperature, and displacement without being affected by outside influence. This means the user can control any form of H2O. Creations that have not left the 50 foot range may be reformed, reshaped or returned to the pocket dimension.

Weapons and Variations

Creating weapons is just one way the user can use their power. You can create any simple weapon with 1L of water, and create any martial weapon with 5L of water (note that ammunition is negligible for these weapons.). These weapons gain 2d8 force damage on all attacks. (Any unique weapon rules are at the DMs discretion) The user can create formations of both solid and gaseous, these formations will still take solid forms as creations. The temperature of creations has no effect on the user. Different forms have unique effects:

Ice - Creations shaped as water can be frozen into ice, these creations immediately become dull once frozen, creations made with ice will melt after 1 hour. Melting is stopped whenever an ice creation is in contact with the user. Creations made from ice have weight determined by their form (i.e. if you make plate armor, it will have the standard weight of plate armor.) . Creations have the durability of 12 inches of ice (enough to hold a truck). When used to make weapons, add 1d8 cold damage to all attacks for every 10 degrees below 0 Celsius (Max 6d8). (Does not require concentration, force damage is not applied)

Gas - Creations shaped with water can become gas without losing their form, Gaseous creations will immediately become dull and disperse when not in direct contact with the user. When wielded by the user, it can be switched between a fully solid or partially gaseous manifestation, allowing it to pass through armor that is not natural or magical, when attacking with this weapon, the enemy's AC is 10 (if the enemy's AC is lower than 10, this will not be applied). Gas creations have standard durability. When used on a weapon, add 1d4 heat (acid) damage to all attacks for every 10 degrees above 100 Celsius (Max 6d4). (Requires concentration, force damage is not applied)

Boiling - Boiling water creations will explode after 10 minutes of being formed, this cannot be prevented. This explosion does not harm the user in any way. Any creature who touches the creation will suffer 3d8 heat (fire) damage. When used as a weapon, add 3d6 heat (fire) damage to all attacks. After 10 minutes, it creates an explosion that deals 5d10 force damage and 5d10 heat (fire) damage to all creatures within its range. The range is determined by the amount of water. (Requires concentration, force damage is applied)

1 Litre - 1ft.

10 Litres - 10ft

50 Litres - 50ft.

100 Litres - 100ft.

200 Litres - 200ft.

1000 Litres - 1000 ft.


Deus Aquis can only be naturally obtained by a sentient living creature. Only one user is able to exist at any point in time, and once a user has lost the power of Deus Aquis, they can never regain it with anything short of a wish spell. This power can transfer from one creature to the in one of a few ways:

Death - If a creature consumes the blood or flesh of a deceased user, they will inherit Deus Aquis. If a creature consumes the blood or flesh of a user while they are alive, the power will not transfer to them. If the deceased user is returned to life after the power transfer has occurred, they will not regain the power.

Birth - If the current user impregnates or is impregnated by another creature, the current user immediately loses the power, and the child will inherit the power. If multiple children are born, only one will be given the power of Deus Aquis. If the child dies during conception, the power will transfer to the mother, if the mother was the previous user, it will choose a new user at random, if it is a stillborn, it will retain the power as a deceased user. Children naturally understand their power, but are unable to use it until they reach maturity.

Wish - If a wish spell is used, it can only be used to transfer the power from one being to another, this has no restrictions on what being may possess the power. Deus Aquis can never be duplicated or shared it can only be transferred. If the wish is to seal the power, it can be sealed for a maximum of 1000 years. If removed from the current plane, it will return within 1000 years, picking a successor at random. If you wish you may extend a user's possession of Deus Aquis, but this will prevent any form of transfer until the extension has ended. Wish cannot displace anyone who currently wields the power of Deus Aquis, and they cannot be killed either.

Other Details

When the current user is nearing the end of their natural lifespan, Deus Aquis will begin to leave its current user, the user will become aware of the power's need to be passed on, if they refuse to transfer the power, they will die of dehydration within 1 year, and the power will transfer to a new host. This also occurs if a deceased user has gone 100 years without transferring their power. When choosing a new host, Deus Aquis prefers younger creatures, usually humanoids, and is often obtained by those who would have been victims of drowning if not for the power's intervention.

The user has the innate ability to swim, even if it is physically unable to. This knowledge persists even after a transfer, even if the creature is no longer able to physically swim. The user’s swimming speed is always a minimum of 50ft.

The user is unable to drown, the user will continue to breathe normally even underwater. This property is removed if the power is transferred from the user.

The user will never become thirsty or dehydrated as long as there is at least 1 litre of water remaining within the pocket dimension. If all water is depleted, the user will suffer one level of exhaustion every hour until they come into contact with water (the pocket dimension will not replenish during this period)

The user does not require urination or sweat, they are able to freely regulate their own body temperature.

The user can drink water to replenish their pocket dimension storage, any amount of water consumed is multiplied tenfold and stored within the pocket dimension. When consuming water when the pocket dimension is full, the user’s body will cause them to urinate.

Any liquid that comes into contact with the user is automatically purified, the user cannot become poisoned, intoxicated, or sick from any form of liquid.

The user can, at will, expel any liquid coating them, making them totally dry, they can also dampen themselves at will by expending water.
Destroying the Deus Aquis. Deus Aquis can only be destroyed if its user is sent into an active star, or any equivalent level of heat is used. Regardless of its method of destruction, the power will always return to existence in some form after a few millennia, taking on a new user at random.

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