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Armor (Heavy), Legendary (Wearer must have 20 Strength, 20 Constitution, and give a mortal sacrifice)

This ancient armor was literally built by the gods to protect over the 9 realms. Its power is undisputed, and its durability far more than any other. It's to be worn with great pride, for whoever wears this armor will be near indestructible.

Gods' Protection This Armor gives you a base AC of 25 (shields and spells are effective while wearing this armor).

Super-Charged This armor can disperse a great energy blast as an action, dealing 6d8 Radiant damage and 6d8 fire damage to anything standing in a 30ft radius of you. You regain use of this feature at dawn.

Gods' Disapproval If you drop to 0 hit points and go unconscious, the armor will leave you and teleport to an undisclosed location till someone finds it again (DM chooses). It may not even be on the planet/realm/plane of existence that you are on.

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