Death’s Fowl Oath, Quiet in The Eternal Void (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (longsword), artifact (requires attunement)

This foul blade has had many names, and it’s origins are lost, but it is known that the longsword is capable of terrible deeds. This nefarious weapon bears an elegant hilt and crossguard made of a strange black metal and a black leathery material respectively, with intricate designs from a forgotten era, but when activated releases a blade made of pure darkness, a gash in reality itself, cutting through all matter with ease.

  • 1 major beneficial property
  • 1 minor detrimental property

Destroyer of Reality. Death’s Foul Oath, Quiet in The Eternal Void deals an extra 1d12 force damage. Whenever a creature is killed by Foul Oath, all nonmagical items carried by the creature are completely annihilated, leaving no remains.

Relentless Cuts. Attacks made with Foul Oath are made with a +3 to attack rolls and damage rolls, and the wielder can make one additional attack using their bonus action.

Hidden Blade. The blade of Foul Oath can be demanifested into nothingness or manifested again as a bonus action.

Magic Infused. Foul Oath acts as a vorpal sword.

Aura of Darkness. Whenever Foul Oath is activated, nonmagical flames within 30 ft of it are extinguished, and all spells creating light or fire of 3rd lvl or lower that overlap that same radius are also cancelled out.

Attached. Foul Oath automatically teleports back to the wielder whenever it is more than 30 ft away.

Soul Devourer. When you kill a creature with Foul Oath, you gain temporary hit points equal to the damage dealt on the final blow, and the creature cannot be resurrected by any means short of True Resurrection, a Wish spell or Divine Intervention.
Destroying the Death’s Foul Oath, Quiet in The Eternal Void. Foul Oath cannot be physically destroyed, but can be reduced to state of mere nonmagical blade if soaked in the blood of a demon lord, archduke, archfey, great old one, demigod or other great planar power for 50 years.

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