Death's Whisper, Quiet in the Howling Void (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (longbow), artifact (requires attunement)

This bow was once a normal longbow, but when the archer wielding it died he asked Death to put it some where safe. Death did as asked and placed the longbow in the Arrow Sea in the Void. After many long years the Void began to change the bow. Death's Whisper, Quiet in the Howling Void deals 1d8 piercing damage plus 2d8 necrotic damage has a range of 200/800 and a + 3 to attack and damage rolls as well as the following effects and features.

Reaper's Arrow

As a bonus action, you may forego up to eleven attacks but you may not forego more than four each turn. For each attack not made you may add an additional 2d8 necrotic damage. If you attack while charging at any point you will use Reaper's Arrow(i.e. you can not charge three shots attack once then charge three more on your next turn and have that count as six charges. It would be three and three.)

Archer's Dream

All arrows pulled from the quiver of this bow are + 2 when shot with this bow and have the option of having a rope around them. when drawn with a rope the range is 50/200. When using rope arrows you may make an attack roll against an objects AC, on a successful attack the arrow will pierce the surface, and stick, but will do no damage.

Quiet of the Grave

As an action, you may shoot an arrow that is infused with the quiet of the grave. chose a place for the arrow to hit, any creatures within 50 feet of the arrow are under the effects of the silence spell for 10 minutes or until the arrow is destroyed. The arrow has an AC of 15 and 5 hp. you may do this three times per day and regain all uses after a long rest

All on Black

As an action, you may sacrifice hit points to empower a shot. for every hit point you sacrifice you may add +1 to your damage. For every 10 hit points sacrificed you add +1 to your attack roll. If the arrow hits you regain half of the hit points lost rounded down, and lower your maximum hit points by the amount lost (e.g. you have 100 hp maximum and 52 currently and get rid of 51 you now get +5 to attack and +51 to damage if the arrow hits you will get back 25 hp making your current hp 26 and your hit point maximum is now 74) you regain your original hit point maximum at the end of a long rest. if the arrow misses you do not get any health back and your maximum hit points are still lowered. this can be used with 'Reaper's Arrow'.
Random Properties. The Death's Whisper, Quiet in the Howling Void has the following random properties:

  • 1 minor beneficial property
  • 2 major beneficial properties
  • 2 minor detrimental properties
  • 1 major detrimental property

Destroying the Death's Whisper, Quiet in the Howling Void. Death's Whisper, Quiet in the Howling Void can only be destroyed by Death himself or divine intervention


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